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Library Blues


I have just 18 minutes of access on the PC this morning (that will give me a chance to get ready for work at least!) had to ask for help again, was trying to log onto the Visually impaired computer (it was the only one free)… I wear glasses and had my most recent eye test in December, should I worry that I missed the notice on the monitor, – Visually Impaired – Ask for assistance.

How dumb did I feel?! I have mananged to get an early start this morning, working on 2 short submissions due at the end of the month, I need to get them finished so I can sit on them for a few days before editing.
I am simultaneously trying to get ready for my trip. I have heard it is -20 C, I have never wished to have ski-ing clothes until now. We have had more snow, not where I am based – it is cold enough though. I wrapped up to come out into town and the coat only just fits over two layers… I was planning on wearing at least four! New thermal undies better work hard!

Plan of action for today is to concentrate on OFFLINE writing after work this evening. I should continue decluttering too, as I have had about a week off from that!

I have managed to read 1 book so far this month already, kind of a cheat as it is a Children’s book – Peter Pan – 1951 print version which belonged to my mum or aunty. I felt like I should wear gloves to read it. It is hardback and I did fall asleep a couple of times with it on my face. I recommend reading such books, think you’re too old for a dream about Fairies? Best night sleep I have had in a while.

I haven’t read it since I was a child.

Have a good day reading, writing and blogging