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Mammoth Read ~ Week 2


For the 2nd week I have managed to read all 86 FF stories. It is frustrating that I don’t seem to be able to get BlogSpot to accept my URL! I have read these stories too – just can’t respond!
This time I started on Thursday and have made my way in bitesize chunks 1 wonderful Flash at a time!

Friday Fictioneers – A Wonderous Creature


friday-fictioneers Getting mine in EARLY!


“Apart from the trunk it looks like a plausible hybrid.” Shannon smiled. “It reminds me of that sofa we used to have with all the quilt patched rectangles, do you remember it?”

“Of course I do!” said Damon, with a glint in his eye. That sofa was in their apartment, before they bought a house. In the living room, along with his own artwork and sculpture, before children.

“He’s got your flair” Shannon said crinkling her nose at her husband.

“Well he can draw!” Damon spoke with pride as he stared at the latest artwork crayon drawing on the fridge.




Oh my! This is spot on 100 words, I usually try and get a story in 100 – which often involves a series and redrafts, this was free written and done- hope it holds some magic and fantastical essence for you!

Marathon Read!


I managed to read all 84 Flash fiction writes this weekend – I often feel curious about the writing I miss, my heart felt congratulations go out to Rochelle who does this every week! Amazing.

Click to read my Flash – the same button on the Story post will take you to Rochelle’s site and the other 83 flash stories!


Friday Fictioneers – Finale


Copyright - Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

Corrine shouldn’t have taken it but she hadn’t wanted the night to end, not yet. No-one had noticed.

Hannah was delighted her plan worked. For months she prayed Jasmine would fall ill, and in the end, all an understudy had to do in this town was bed the Director. Textbook.

After the curtain call Hannah had decided to stay in costume but not character to celebrate. Guilty she’d worn the beautiful dress home, she decided to hang it outside. As she stepped out onto the cold, metal fire escape, Corrine O.Ded silently slumped over on the bathroom floor next door.


Friday Fictioneers – Open Line


Friday again – and another 100 word flash – click the button to find out about the challenge and read more great flashes. friday-fictioneers

Copyright - Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman

“It’s hard to believe, but when I was a teenager mobile phones didn’t exist. I used to sneak off to the public phone on the corner of the block to ring my boyfriend. It was the only way I could get a private conversation.”

“Oh, Grandma,” Jenna giggled, holding her frail hand.

“A few years later I met your Gramps. It’s funny, the phone is still there, after all these years… outliving the people who talked on it.”

“Not everyone Grandma, you’re going to be okay.” Jenna reassured her, the lights of the monitors blearing as tears filled her eyes.

Friday Fictioneers


Aqueduct -Sarah Ann Hall

Copyright – Sarah Ann Hall

Sheila couldn’t believe how overgrown it was. She traced her hand over the white rail.

“It seems like only yesterday doesn’t it.” Bert whispered in her ear.

She remembered how glorious that special day had been. He had promised her the most spectacular wedding and it had been. Truth was she’d have been happy with a small Church and a few guests, it was marrying him that meant the world.

“You looked beautiful my Princess…you still do. ” Bert added grinning.

Sheila smiled and looked out over the hills below.

“I wish you were here.” she muttered.

“I am.” Bert replied.


Friday Fictioneers – A Public House



My entry is late this week as I have been in writing workshops and have some deadlines to meet. Did the picture change from the one posted on Wednesday?

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Copyright-Ted Strutz

Copyright-Ted Strutz

Gripping the lectern, anxiety tugged at her insides.

“ My parents owned a pub…” Verity started.

“ It wasn’t the best upbringing, they were always at work.”

People were listening, the lecture hall, almost silent. Verity plucked up courage,  abandoned her notes, looked up at the expectant audience.

“ I knew they loved me because they displayed my art on a wall in the bar. It was still there years later when they sold the pub. It was the reason the buyers wanted it, they assumed my parents had a young family and wanted to get out of the game quickly.”

Fictionless Friday


I am not able to participate in FWF or Friday fictioneers tonight. Gutted. Will attempt delayed posts tomorrow for both. I only have internet access on the phone and have a pile of to do list matters to deal with this evening.

Hope to catch up and read after my writing workshop.

Friday Fictioneers – Receiver Reception



Copyright -KentBonham

Copyright –Kent Bonham

The bouquet instructions had been followed. Arriving with the Chauffeur she couldn’t believe his chosen hotel, she had expected bright-lights-big-city. Shuddering in her killer red dress, she looked up at the dark windows.

“Champagne reception in the main suite.” The doorman bowed. Isabelle found her arm being linked by another man dressed to the nines,

“This way ma’am.”

Be nice if they put some lights on Isabelle thought as she tried to ignore first night butterflies. How perfect Jacques was.

“ Petite disseisor” Jacques grinned and grazed her cheek with a kiss, knowing this night would change her life forever.


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Friday Fictioneers – The Library


friday-fictioneers Friday again and time to write a Flash – find out what it’s all about by clicking the Friday Fictioneers button. claire-fuller

“I’m soooooo excited! Wait until you see this room,” Kate dragged Marcia across the landing and flung the door open.

“I always wanted one!”

Marcia wasn’t sure how to react, it was amazing, quite unusual in a two bed semi.

“Wow, Kate what does Simon think?”

“He wanted it for his records, but I’ve made him keep them in the boxes in the garage!”

Marcia giggled, Kate always seemed to get her way, she gingerly walked her fingers across the spines of the books. At least some of them were Simons. She wondered if Kate knew about them after all.