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Slice of Life 27/31



If Tuesday were a colour it would have been coal black. What a stinker of a day! There comes a time when the only power you have over a situation is to change it as nothing you will ever do inside the situation will ever be deemed good enough.

Last night, as I worked I did a lot of thinking. I also tried to cheer myself up with a few comedy programmes. The laughter was short-lived as I am now (and will be for several months) mind bound to my next mission.
Should life really be such a challenge?

I didn’t think I was in the right frame of mind for writing and having already successfully finished the monologue, only have some poems and a few shorts to complete before the madness of April begins. I did some editing instead, read some articles & another chapter of my book. I managed to write 3 new poems.

I feel drained. There is a lot going on in my life right now, perhaps too much.

I have booked a phone consultation today by way of getting my current situation into perspective. I also had to book things for the weekend for Mr G and our new project.

I am looking forward to this evening when Mr G and I are going to use the meal vouchers we didn’t use over the weekend to treat ourselves to some special nosh before the last day of work before the Easter Hols!

In the meantime I am filling my mind with vibrant colours such as yellows and orange and will try not to let anyone smudge in any grey!

That’s my slice!sols_6

FWF Free Write Friday: Keepsakes


084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43I love to freewrite – it is the only type of writing I have completed for the past 6 years. Until 2013 that is. I was spending some time popping into blogs tonight and I happened upon a few new ones.

To take part click here to visit Kellie Elmore’s blog. free-write-friday-kellie-elmore



Most people would have a keepsake that is jewellery or some ornamental piece, as I sit here and think of my keepsakes they are somewhat bigger, probably not worth as much, not that keepsakes are necessarily expensive. Particularly if you’re a mother talking about something your child has made for you. I take a keepsake to mean something that I would never willingly part myself from.

My keepsake was given to me by my Great Aunty, years ago. I used to stay at hers sometimes as a child and would read Reader’s Digest in lieu of children’s books, as she didn’t have any. She used to give me some of the hardback offers she’d get when I was older.

She gave me her paperback (well used copy) of Roget’s Thesaurus when I took my A levels at college. It has been on my shelves ever since. I had already started writing and was published the year before she gave this keepsake to me. It was only this year, as I took it off the shelf (and blew the dust off it) I noticed something for the first time. I think I have used it more in the past 3 months than all the years I have had it.

Something I noticed that makes it even more special, is it was printed the year I was born. To me this Thesaurus will always encompass my Great Aunty’s love for me and also her belief in who I was destined to become – even back then she knew me better than I know myself.