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NaPoWriMo Day 3 – Work got in the way


It is nearly the end of NaPoWriMo 2016, we are less than a week off the end of the celebration of daily writing and I am on Day 3…

I am sure this makes you feel better if you are lagging behind. Come on! We can do this!

The featured participant today is emangarduque, I really like the look of the blog and there is a double haiku from the Day 2 family prompt to enjoy.

The featured poet in translation for today is South Korea’s Kim Hyesoon. Her poetry, which has been widely translated into English, is known for its outsized, grotesque imagery, as well as its concern for the relationship between individuals and society. Poetry International has made English translations of around a dozen of her poems, as well as editorials and essays, available online.

I am drawn to today’s prompt, write a fan letter in the style of a poem. I have many heroes, mostly dead (they cannot disappoint or stray from my rose tinted vision), no they weren’t chosen because of this, they just happen to be dead.

After toying with a list I have decided to address my letter to something else entirely.

Whilst I am put supermarket shopping (oh, the glamour) I will let my ideas swirl about my head and hopefully pen my poem when I get home.


I attempted to write a fan letter to the weekend (something I will come back to later) not happy with the results I decided to write to one of my long-loved heroes, Jim Morrison.

The poem needs some work. To inspire me I listened to an interview with his father and sister that I had not seen before Interview (without comments).

‘… the spirit of us folded together across secrets and truth’

‘… drawn towards your wise mouth.

Words uttered, half prayed in your pen.’