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Latest Submissions


I haven’t submitted any writing since the summer, this month I have gone back to the desk (not strictly true as I don’t have one yet!)
I made a 100 Flash Submission to the Reader’s Digest Competition earlier this month. My 16th submission this year.
 rd1 This is the competition I posted a poll about as there was some question over copyright. I posted a similar question via social media and was assured by what some writers said and at the end of the day, the only bad thing will be not realising when my work is published.
They retain copyright (which is unusual) but they say it to use for advertising or future publications, generally the latter if last year was anything to go by. If I am lucky though I win the cash prize or runner up book tokens.


And tonight I spent the time between the shower and getting ready for the Book Launch writing poetry.

1 emmap
I managed to finish before the deadline, speed edit and send emails full of hope to the next two anthologies planned by Emmapress for publishing next year.
7 poems in total, 2 more submissions, that’s 18 this year. I wonder if I will make it to 20?


The Lost Weekend


This weekend I planned to go to Oxford for a poetry workshop and to see the final performance from The EmmaPress Poetry Tour.

What is it they say about all good plans? …

Firstly it took over an hour to make it to the motorway, traffic had been diverted due to a 2 car collision on the main ring road. Gridlocked all alternative exits, I was later to discover there was a far more serious reason for this traffic (news story at end). Realising this made me feel absolutely terrible for moaning.

The city is just over an hour away and I had allowed 2 hours, my journey took 3! I missed the workshop and arrived in Oxford with an less than an hour to spare before the performances. I once again found the frustration of road signage navigation an impossibility and I was growing tired after a 3 hour drive with no breaks.

In the end the ring road brought me back to the motorway and I took that as a sign to leave the city behind.

I could have spent another hour driving around for the destination (I need a sat nav!)

I have some friends who moved to a village close to Banbury this year and I hadn’t seen them since the move, so had arranged to visit them en route home overnight. The turn off for Banbury had already beckoned me once and now after a 50 mile round trip into Oxford for no reason at all except to possibly make the performances, it beckoned once again!

I managed to find them thanks to brilliant directions *with landmarks included- although I struggled in the dark to identify their cottage. Which I had parked just a property away from!

The happy news was I made it to them in time to go to the pub quiz – which was a fab night (despite not winning) and I got to catch up on all my missing sleep, go for Sunday dinner with them AND had blueberry pancakes with maple syrup! MMMMmmmmm!

It was lovely to see them both and their new home is GORGEOUS! A beautiful cottage in a picturesque village, so sweet and lovely! So it all worked out in the end. I even shared some of my poetry with them (at request) an impromptu 1 woman show! Maybe I could go back to the village and host an evening of Spoken Word 🙂

My Workshop poetry sat on the passenger seat all weekend and I filled my time with love and laughter shared with good friends.

So maybe this post should be called ‘The FOUND Weekend’ after all.


(News story – 5 hour tailbacks and main motorway shut for 24 hours, some poor man was on a bridge for 26 hours threatening to end his life, he is now safely in hospital and detained under the mental health act. The poor man – the town was at a standstill all weekend traffic wise so it is a miracle I made it onto the motorway in a Southbound direction before closure. I was meant to get to the cottage.)



Emmapress – Mildly Erotic Poetry Book Launch



Mildly-Erotic-Poetry-Tour1 em Title-copy-copy1

Tonight I enjoyed a fabulous book launch in Stratford-Upon-Avon, at the 1 emma p Emmapress received Arts Council Funding for a poetry tour and have set up events around the UK to promote the launch of the book. You can find out more here1 em Mildly-Erotic

I arrived after a major de-tour of the town (I have never needed a sat-nav more!) fortunately I wasn’t late for the event and even managed to get a seat!

I recognised a few people in the room – proof the world of poetry is a small one. There were lots of students from the Shakespeare Institute – supporting Richard O’Brien, it reminded me of haydays (uni days) that I like to pretend were not long ago, but are actually counted on nearly 2 sets of fingers now!

I enjoyed poetry from the anthology by three contributors;

Ruth Wiggins 1em

Rachel Piercey 1emmapr

Richard O’Brien 1 em

I had seen online that there were open mic opportunities and earlier on today some of them had not been filled. I had submitted work to the anthology and had it deemed too erotic, the poem I chose may have come down on the emotive side of erotica rather than mildly erotic. It is about dancers and as an ex-dancer/performer myself I have always read the charged bodies as sexually placed on stage – often choreographers play to the roles of sexuality – in fact (back in the nearly counting on 2 sets of hands days) I wrote a dissertation on the role of gender and sexuality in performance.

People spoke to me after about my poem, which I found very touching (no pun intended!)

It seems the dance – eroticism is only in my mind maybe…

I sat with a group of strangers and the whole 1st half I felt I recognised someone at the table. After the interval and after we had both performed our poems, I plucked up courage… I had seen Geraldine reading her poetry at the Ikon Gallery (Birmingham Literature Festival) at the Art in the Heart event! And have one of her poems on my bookshelf! blf art heart book

Thanks to Patrick and Geraldine for your wonderful company at the end of the evening. 1 emmap

1emmapress And to Emma for taking the risk with un-vetted open mic poets – who brought their own mix of mildly erotic word shaping to the evenings launch!

Learning Lines and Loving Life – 2nd performance at the mic


Today I am lucky enough to be working from home, I am trying to learn some of my set off by heart and am practising my poem for tonight. I have found out there will be just 6 of us performing after the Emmapress Mildly Erotic Poetry Tour, tonight in Statford- Upon-Avon. Mildly-Erotic-Poetry-Tour

I am looking forward to my second spot behind the mic in 15 years tonight! 2012 brighton 532

My Second Stanza


Thank you to Ian Glass for wonderful hosting this evening and Claire Walker for the lift, which meant I could enjoy a glass of wine with poetry. (Perfect combo!) My first meeting, last month, I read my poem last and sat with butterflies for almost the entire night. This time I got to go first. Which, as it turns out, is equally nerve wracking!

Both poems were chosen from Picture It and Write challenges and both poems were about ‘Stage shows’… if I am not careful I will become known as that poet who sets all her poems on a stage! (Now you know what Shakespeare meant…. all the world’s a stage…) This couldn’t be further from the truth of what my poetry is.

Still as I haven’t written a new poem for several weeks, these seemed like good choices. I am grateful for the supportive comments and criticism and now feel I can edit my writing into a better poem – before I perform it at Drummonds 42 in a fortnight for Halloween!

It was a great evening!

I am now working on finding material for Wednesday – I only need one poem and I have something in mind, I am going to Stratford-Upon-Avon to watch the The Mildly Erotic Poetry Tour from Emmapress, a book launch with a difference! Mildly-Erotic-Poetry-Tour Which includes some open mic spots, although by the sounds of the email there are many of us trying to clamber onto the stage, this does mean that we all only get to perform 1 poem – that’s fine by me!

A Day as a Writer


plannerYou have no idea how excited I am, it has been over 2 weeks since I had a day to myself to freelance and work on my action plan!

Yesterday I only worked a half day and hoped to get producing. However, our internet has been non-existent due to a pesky mouse (of the electronic variety) and actually my online time was spent catching up with emails and blog posts.

I did manage to choose a poem for tonight, but I had hoped to write  a new one.

Now I can!

550px-Overcome-Lack-of-Motivation-Step-2I have been up and online catching up in Blogland for nearly two hours and it’s not even 9:30 – I plan to spend the rest of the morning working through emails and action plans, peppered with a few breaks and possibly some beckoning household chores!

After lunch I plan to spend some time with poetry pen in hand and later this evening I am going to my second Stanza (Poetry Society) meeting, where I have a spooky-ish poem in need of some help, once polished it will form part of my set for Drummonds the week after next.

I also need to email some writers to ask for permissions for references to their material during our INKSPILL Writing Weekend Retreat (Oct25th-27th)




Earlier on this year I submitted some work to Emmapress for an anthology of slightly erotic poetry, turned out I got a little carried away (thank-you EL James!) and my material would have been better suited for an erotic poetry anthology in the end. (Maybe if I am brave enough!)

Anyway the publishers have received a grant from the Arts Council to run a tour during the book launch. I am hoping to go to a performance in Stratford next week and am keeping my fingers crossed for a workshop opportunity in Oxford next month. Which sounds more like a poetry clinic where we take a poem and work on it. But will be perfectly timed to work on some more of mine, well 1, we are allowed to take 1 poem.

And there’s more…. the Stratford show has an Open Mic (yes, you know what’s coming next!) I have signed up – again it is just a 1 poem slot but I get to practise one of my poems for SpeakEasy next month! I only hope they have room for one more.

I need to spend some time this weekend trying to learn the -so-far-set-list off by heart!

Exciting times!

inkspill keyboard

Whilst checking my email this afternoon I have had confirmation of both. A seat & slot in Stratford-Upon-Avon 1 of 6 places on the Oxford Workshop!