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The Importance of Comments and Reviews


Some great points raised – the epublished author relies even more on the comments and reviews of the reader – If you are lucky enough to have access to downloaded ebooks then you may like to check this out, although I haven’t yet read Adventures in Cargo City – I know that AR Neal CAN write and I have read an excerpt which made me want to go and buy an e-reader!
ENJOY! And don’t forget to LEAVE A REVIEW!

Early Morning Camping


Up early this morning to make up for the 12 hour sleep plus 2 hours powernap after work that was yesterdays story of exhaustion!

Breakfast2 Armed with a breakfast of yogurt bar and allotment fresh raspberries (I really should buy some cereal) I sat down in Camp. I caught up in the Cabin and found I am not alone in my 2nd week struggle for words. I read 2 inspiring motivational emails sent by the camp leaders. And I THOUGHT about my short story. camping-tent-grass-15269945 I would fire the other laptop up and start but I have to be out the house in 20 minutes to go and meet an estate agent at my apartment. I feel a bit like a Pageant Mum must feel, showing someone my beloved pad. I really need to clean it up first but the appointment is an early enough challenge. It’s an agent not a buyer.

Still my early morning stroll around Camp has inspired me – I am now hoping for some time between appointment and work to write! camp

I wrote over 1000 words last night – unfortunately it didn’t count towards my statistics (I had been estimating some word count updates and I was 1016 words over reality! Oppps!)


Right off to get a deal on my pad.


And think about my characters on the drive over!


Writing Schedule on Hold!


I need technical assistance if anyone can offer tips, please reply.

I have a deadline tomorrow for my online Ohio Uni course. We are developing rhetorical texts and I have to create a PSA – Public Service Announcement – I have had my idea since last week when the assignment was posted. I have researched, selected my images and written text points for the argument and a 250 word explanation.

I am currently either trying to upload to Flickr or convert it as PDF (online and for free- I have managed this conversion) I am not sure where I can post PDF’s publically though.

So the problem is I have my work saved to my memory stick and need to make it public. I am stuck. Deadline is tomorrow. I am about to leave for work, hoping to solve the situation and submit my assignment to WEX tonight.


Are any of you technical wizards?

I am hoping so …imagesCANYEEWS

End of Run


I had a really great time yesterday Blogging and researching online, I am dropping off one quick story post and then I am offline for at least 24hrs. I need to write, and stop writing about writing! I have enjoyed the challenges and it has been a good work out for my brain, (I probably managed a 5000 word count with all the free writing and blogging) I have reached the point where I can now return to my work (writing) – I have also got a busy schedule  today, staying offline will give me time to get my paperwork done for tomorrow.

Besides I was excited to see 6 comments this morning and when I ventured to the dashboard, I discovered it was SPAM! I hope some of you can find a little time to splash in the water of the Fountain. I have posted a writing challenge open for any genre, go and have some writing time!

AWF Monthly

Have a good writing week!

Funding Dreams


Another day withhout a writing slot. I spent 4hrs on the laptop reading blogs & deleting emails. Checking the junk filter had nothing important in it. I also spent 2hrs taking action on my future February plans.
I woke up this morning and found out about a trip some friends of mine had booked, it is a place I have had on wishlist! I knew seeing Patrick (family visiting from USA) would fuel my wanderlust! I have to ease my twitchy, itchy feet… well I haven’t used my passport since 2010 & it expires soon!

I have little surplus money, especially as I am currently paying out lots on making this the best year ever! I will just have to sell some writing.

I was at work until 5pm, this is just my evening, glued to the laptop. I have been writing in my head though. Do you do that? The ideas just play over, like dreaming at the same time as being active!