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INKSPILL – A Matter of Design – Creating a Writing Space

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SUNDAY 27th October – DAY 3

– A Matter of Design – Creating a Writing Space


A Matter of Design

Clearing space and getting Organised to allow Creative Flow.


You may have heard of the old saying – a tidy house, a tidy mind… your writing area is no different.

Personally I have a very small desk on which sits a very old PC, and it is all in the wrong room.

I have a set of 4 drawers to house all current writing projects – still flat packed in their box, they have being waiting in Mr G’s old flat for building for at least a year now.

I have a laptop and memory stick and a bed or a sofa and these are what I use. I dream of sorting out the house and my WRITING SPACE and I know one day this will be done, but for now I can still get creative in my special writing space – the bed – spread out with all my notebooks and resources or on the sofa with access to the internet. (The signal is stronger down there.)

You may be luckier, you may have a better space.


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My Writing Space

I have two writing stances, the upright and horizontal.

The upright tends to happen downstairs. Sitting in my armchair or on the sofa, typing away. Usually with access to the internet and plenty of distractions, like the kettle and the TV (both are usually switched off!)

The horizontal is upstairs, sprawled out across the bed with all my notebooks and ideas, close to my phone but not connected to the internet. Lots of pillows give me the option of sitting upright and stretch my legs out. It is always comfortable and warm and therefore a favourite come the winter. I work on my lap.

No distractions. I just have to be wary of slipping down completely horizontally and falling asleep.

Neither the bedroom nor the lounge have yet been decorated so they are both good spaces in as far as they may as well be an office or belong to someone else. My trinkets and possessions are not yet displayed in a difficult to concentrate manner!

If these rooms were mine, I would describe them, but they are not so it won’t reveal anything about me.

Both rooms have good natural light.

When the house is done, I will have my writing space, computer desk and four drawer unit in the 2nd bedroom office /guest room. It has even better light and creative atmosphere.


Write a blog post describing your writing space and share a link with us below.