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The Mighty TO DO List!


Today is the first day of this mighty TO DO list – unfortunately only a fraction of it has anything to do with writing!084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43

  • I have just over a week left at work and need to tie up, tidy up and get references and paperwork sent.
  • I have unpacking and cleaning and laundry and all the normal things we have but in a box city house – as we have been mainly sitting in the sunny garden, working or sleeping for the past week!
  • I have to clean and mend my apartment to get it on the market. And redecorate/paint 1 room!
  • I have to choose the estate agent and get the apartment SOLD.
  • I have to fill out and find out some new job opportunities.
  • I need to do allotment and garden.
  • Unpack the new abode!

and a ton of other minute things!

black-tablet-pcMy new online writing course starts today which I am looking forward to and hoping this one will be more enjoyable than the Rhetorical Composition II course was. ALTHOUGH I did learn some useful things from that course that have helped me in a couple of real life situations.

And I am still camping at camp nanowrimo –camping-tent-Download-Royalty-free-Vector-File-EPS-2116 the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed no entry for the 14th – after spending most of the day asleep and the evening in the garden I couldn’t face my manuscript. I MUST PUSH MYSELF – I have come to the hard bit where you have to draw it all together and end it and I haven’t quite decided if the central character dies or not. nano_09_camp_nano_detail_girl2

Best get on with the first TO DO – off to the flat to clean! In this heat! F U N !

to do

Camp Nano Day 8 – The Story Grows – Tips for New Campers


I managed to make it into camp in the morning on Monday, in between work and unpacking and going out to work. I spent an hour in the garden in the wonderful sunshine writing in my notebook planning out the rest of my story. Seems my short story may develop into a novella after all!

Here are my updated Camp Stats:

Average Words Per Day 1,130

Your Average Per Day 869

Words Written Today 1000

Target Word Count 35,000

Total Words Written 7,827

Words Remaining 27,173

Current Day 8

Days Remaining 24


I have amended them to match day 8 not day 9 as I collected these stats after midnight it showed my word count as 0 – it was 1000, not the 1130+ I am aiming for to stay on target, I have not as yet caught up from the non-write end of week moving days.

I am NOT panicking though, which is the BIGGEST secret I learnt for myself in my 1st Nano Camp in April. imagesCA9G4USI

As soon as you panic you lose perspective and often the will to complete your camp mission. I know that work finishes on the 24th and I will have a few days where I can make up for lost word counts.

I also know that because I chose to rebel* (along with a few thousand others) I will escape the Blockness Monster (as it is called over in camp) as I am writing fresh material after the 15000 word count or possibly before.



* A rebel: anyone who does anything other than the traditional

50,000 word novel.

This includes Non-fiction (my April camp), short stories, flash writing, poetry (hats off to them for attempting high word counts) and any other genre of writing that is not the novel.


Still falling a little short of target is perfectly acceptable considering I am unpacking the kitchen!


My Cabin is active and I have spent time getting to know some of my fellow camp writers, I met another poet which is lovely, we are all girls and so far no-one has suggested a pillow fight (which is a good thing!)

I have  a date for the Regional meet and after missing both opportunities in April am quite excited at meeting other writers mad enough to attempt the marathon in this heat!

Fingers crossed for this weekend!


Can You Drown in a Sea of Bubblewrap?


Day 2 of full on speed packing.
The packing isn’t a problem, my concern over the deadline is.
I fear this more than a writing deadline.

I miss writing. Up until this last week I had spent 2013 writing everyday!
My house has got to take priority for a while, there are only so many hours in a day. And I really do have a lot to pack!
I have managed to read at least, I finished the novel I started in April! It was a long book and my second historical novel. I found it a challenge. Plus May was very busy with houses, work and managing lots of spinning plates with little time for reading.

I have also managed to catch up with articles about writing, as yesterday I packed the bookshelves into 12 boxes…
I am a bibliophile – I see that now. Last year I had a break through and learnt how to give books away without a broken heart. Now my rule is it has to fit on the bookshelf… 1 in 1 out… My mother’s system that she has relentlessly attempted to get me to follow over the past few years!

Off to spend the day packing boxes. Drudge!

Wish I was writing x

A Surprise Visit!


I have managed some online time!

Writing Update

I have managed to redraft the picture book manuscript – in its 16th incarnation! Ready for the class to critique tonight. Clare Bell will also give us some advice! I am looking forward to it. I know it is missing some vital composition tools. I have managed to edit (or ‘slash’) 100’s of words! From 997 to 523 That’s practically half of the story gone! imagesCA0GWHZL

I wish I had other ideas to try and write more, but I am blank on plots at the minute.



I have also managed to read and submit 4 reviews for Rhetorical Composition II and have received 2 positive reviews on mine. I am now trying to complete my ‘Check your Progress’ activities *deadline is Friday.

You can read the assignment article here;


On the House Front

I have managed to complete some packing whilst I have been offline too. I still need to organise removals and get my apartment on the market! pin-up-woman-cleaning-up-cold-blue-winter-snow-28623149These are my next challenges and I hope to organise things before I start work today. And lots more packing for the rest of this week. I have started to collect cardboard boxes again! The plastering should be finished tomorrow and we can go in and clean before moving in!


Once I am in and especially once I have SOLD my apartment I can concentrate on getting my life on track. For now as it is an extremely busy time at work, I have dropped some opportunities off the June’s writing schedule. I don’t want to burn out before the summer. I have enough with the final 2 Writing classes in the city, the picture book manuscript, work, houses, packing, allotment, garden etc. etc.

I will prep for Camp NaNoWriMo and enter a life write for the end of the month for publication, other than that there wasn’t much copied on the final fortnight of June!


Happy Writing!




How do Freelance Writers Cope with Summer?


How do Freelance Writers Cope with Summer?

imagesCA9WLM16   june 2

This is a serious question that I would appreciate your thoughts and responses to.

After the long, cold winter – which has lasted well into May! We have finally had some beautiful Summer Sunshine!
Mr G and I have been out in it most of the weekend – working in the allotment on Saturday and then the garden at the new house today.

I took the laptop to do my work on but forgot we won’ have internet access until we move in!
Now I am busy completing paperwork for this week – 4 hours and counting – still got about an hour or so to do.

Things I needed to accomplish that have gone by the wayside because I have been outside minus tech in the freedom of green spaces;

  1. start on the next writing submission *(due next week)
  2. research rhetorical communication assignment
  3. start writing assignment
  4. admin – emails
  5. prepare Nano
  6. Blog posts

and what I managed to achieve;

  1. evaluation forms x 3 theatre workshops
  2. some blog posts
  3. signing up for Nano Summer camp
  4. thinking of writing ideas without writing them down!

So I CLEARLY need your help!

I guess the most obvious option is to wake early and get the writing in before the rest of the day starts – then again come dusk and dark attach myself to the laptop.
In the end I will work in the summerhouse as planned – but I stupidly forgot to ask the electrician about that – as the job was nearly as much as I spent buying my car six years ago (2nd hand) … I am praying to the universe that he will take pity on us, come back and hook it up for free.

Please leave me your Tips…. this is my 1st summer freelancing for over decade and I can tell it is going to be a tough one!
The Summer schedule is more packed than any of the Spring Sheets and it is exceptionally busy at work too. Double the workload this weekend!

Going Underground



imagesCAU5IGRX Today I have used the Bank Holiday to complete research, update my writing schedule & make up time on this month’s writing.

I have realised just how close the end of the month is and how much writing I still need to achieve. cloud_writing2I have managed to complete reviews for assignment 4 and complete assignment 5 reading on the Ohio University Course. Happy I can tick something off the to do list.

I have a busy week involving cars, houses and work in addition I have 4 pieces I would like to work on and finish before the end of the month.

This is possible. I may have to stay offline,  I am going for Gold though.


I hope to be done before the weekend , that way I will have time to complete my ‘homework’ for my writing class & prep for work the following week.


I will be off the blog until my work is done. I hope you still come to splash about, check some Archive posts, January was a good month! There is plenty to read & comment on.

For now I must go and do what I do… & write!


A Flurried Morning


I love the word ‘flurry’…

I had to get up early to complete an assignment for my writing class tonight and prepare for a meeting at work. The meeting was over sooner than we thought and I had over an hour before I was due to start work, I was allowed home! Hooray! Royalty free photograph of meeting in progress sign hanging on door showing meeting in progress

I have whizzed about sorting Banking on the High Street – I really need to get online with that! And then managed to eat breakfast (been up since 8 and only ate @ 11:45!) that’s how busy I was before work! I have also (thankfully) finished my assignment for tonight’s class.

I have 10 minutes ALL TO MYSELF now before I have to go back to work! From work I am going straight into the city for class this evening. I will see my home for the first time since yesterday morning at some point before 10pm!


Writing schedule is put aside for the day.

As is my blogging.

Will catch up Friday (day off – whoahoo) and Sunday.

Happy Writing x

Writing Schedule on Hold!


I need technical assistance if anyone can offer tips, please reply.

I have a deadline tomorrow for my online Ohio Uni course. We are developing rhetorical texts and I have to create a PSA – Public Service Announcement – I have had my idea since last week when the assignment was posted. I have researched, selected my images and written text points for the argument and a 250 word explanation.

I am currently either trying to upload to Flickr or convert it as PDF (online and for free- I have managed this conversion) I am not sure where I can post PDF’s publically though.

So the problem is I have my work saved to my memory stick and need to make it public. I am stuck. Deadline is tomorrow. I am about to leave for work, hoping to solve the situation and submit my assignment to WEX tonight.


Are any of you technical wizards?

I am hoping so …imagesCANYEEWS

I Need Elves to Come and Finish My Work!


We managed to get a lot done in the allotment today, it was extremely sunny and we didn’t get in until around 4pm.imagesCA5D8XEO

My back hurts and I was falling asleep. Tonight I wanted to do my work and prep for this week (more reviews tomorrow) and then get my online college assignment done!

elves2 I’ve spent 5 hours working and gathering resources! elves   I am now an expert on a book I loved as a child!

I went to the new house, lots of post coming – could barely get in through the front door. Have met the neighbours as they took a parcel in for us and have made some plans. I have just finished another 2 hours paperwork and I will fall asleep in a minute, so I am going to bed and hope that I can get up early and grab 2hrs before work to finish.

A (Flat) Note from Rejectionsville!


On Friday I submitted a short story. It was my 1st attempt at Fantasy genre (although I have read the genre!) an Urban Fantasy at that (easier I thought as I have lived in cities and never the mountains or forests!)
It took me the best part of the week to complete and was 4012 words.
The idea was born from a Picture It and Write challenge I posted last weekend. curved-road

I have just checked my inbox, I did miss the deadline – the publication I saw open submission call out in had printed the incorrect deadline.
However, when you find yourself in rejectionsville it’s nice to carry around a bit of paper that says it wasn’t bad. Writing needs to fit. Considering it was my 1st attempt and it was for an international market I don’t feel dejected – I feel like there is a lot to learn and I am going to keep trying.

It is another pleasant email rejection, my manuscript was at least read. (Yipee!) Not bad for a submission 2 days late of the deadline! I take that (if it is indeed true) to be a huge compliment.

                                                                                                                                     ‘It’s really good …

… and I enjoyed it.’     imagesCAUYQ41E