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A Night of Critiquing


imagesCA0G6MWQ For a first experience with a critique group it was good. I feel I may have offered more help than I received – but I have now got a whole page of notes to work on the manuscript with.

We are told not to be too precious. I think I will have to work on that because it seems that I have to rework my idea and may loose the very essence I started with. Which builds the plot. I may get around this with a bit of research. It is good to know and take the advice though – I have built a much stronger manuscript about something completely different (focus) since the 1st critique.

It was lovely to see everyone again from the classes and meet a new writer who was an excellent thorough critic.
I wish we had been able to stay for drinks and chats, but my friends are up from the South-East and were staying in a hotel not far from our venue, so I went for a catch up after instead! 61414_meet-up-and-coffee-afternoon-every-wednesday

(Bit of a mission as all the roads are being worked on in the city and the ones open are only for public transport so I had to go a strange way! I know the city better by foot so in the end I parked up and walked back to them!)

I got in just after midnight with the writer inside me begging for time – but I was exhausted. It was hard to get myself out of the door at teatime as it was, especially as a good friend had come over to drink with Mr G in the garden and funnily enough drinking was the one thing I associated with leaving work!

Message to tired writers;
Push yourself through it! It is ALWAYS worth it!


Critiquing Manuscripts


Today’s mission after work is to find time to critique 5 manuscripts before setting off to the city for our Picture Book Meeting. It will be good to see all the classmates from the course that finished last month and I can’t wait to hear advice on my manuscript. Which was practically rewritten after it’s 1st critique – I changed the whole angle of the book and the idea behind the story.
I am really glad I did because it is a much better read with a wider market appeal.

Just remember writers… a good critique is as valuable as the writing and editing time! Just be sure you pick or pay people who know what they are talking about!  9549198-vieille-machine-a-ecrire