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2 Birds – 1 Stone: Submissions in DOUBLE figures


I have recently spent the majority of my writing time on the laptop grafting poems on one of my favourite cities in the whole, wide world! (It’s a hard knock life huh!) I thought with so much love for the place it would be easy – not so… I even missed one of my now-rarely-scheduled-TV-programmes to complete my writing mission!

**** I have now made it into double figures! ****
**** My 10th submission fittingly poems about San Francisco****

WOW… 74 days into the year and 10 submissions made!

I hadn’t set a goal, I wanted to manage a monthly sub at least. Slam dunked! Along the way, I have learnt the art of filtering. I have FINALLY started to filter from source, rather than get thousands of words into a project to then abandon it.
I’m still working on my poetry manuscript and a short story, both due at the end of the month.
I also created my 1st ever PDF file (so easy!) and on a roll and from lots of late night, midnight oil writing from the past few weeks sent my 11th submission too!

2nd Submission of the Month – Done!


I feel I have worked hard on many different writing projects this month. I have only had two pieces for submission. Today I posted my 2nd submission of the month. (Although the deadline isn’t until February – as it had to be posted I didn’t want to leave it too late.)
This was a very short fictional scene that I completed on the 17th and have left it in my head since – after several drafts I was happy with it, the challenge was to edit and keep the word count.
I made just a few changes today before printing the final version.
Now it is in the lap of the Gods, it is a competition entry – sure to be lots of competition. Plus it became quite harrowing and I’m not sure that is what they are after.
The second challenge was a very brief brief!