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Angie Belcher – Don’t Miss Her Edinburgh Show!


Angie Belcher Last night was a real treat, I went to watch Angie Belcher testing out her Edinburgh show, ‘Settle Down’ at The Boars Head Gallery (BHG), Kidderminster.

She is a stand up, (not a stand up Manager for a tanning salon) and a poet. She has supported John Hegley – which as far as I am concerned makes Angie a success!

Angie (her own website)

I love discovering new acts and Angie is someone I will be looking out for in the future, she is based in Bristol, UK and regularly performs at festivals. Look out for her and buy a ticket if you get a chance (even the £8.00 proper ones), go and see her. You will laugh, that is guaranteed.

A great mix of poetry and stand up. A great combination of talent and a very funny set.


The poems are ones you sit there listening to, wishing you had written yourself. Her humour witty and wide appealing not one mention of Women’s Lib…the men in the audience enjoyed it as much as the women.

A great show – Enjoy it Edinburgh! 1 scottish poet

Angie Belcher was supported by Heather Wastie who treated us to a 20 minute set. Inspired by Angie, Heather tried to find which poems of hers included rude words – which is funny because language is something Heather keeps on the clean side of. There was audience participation from the off and later a chance for us to choreograph our own actions for a chorus of another poem. A great way to warm the room up ready for Angie Belcher to take to the mic.

And all for the bargain price of £3.00! I had a great night!


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