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Monday, Monday


I am going to invent a much needed gadget for all writers…. Dragon’s Den lookout!

Time just slips, slips away. I have spent half an hour at the computer – I checked writing schedule, researched the publishers I am writing a proposal for, tried to forward an important life related email to Mr. G (who is already working) it’s 8:20 a.m., technically I’m full of cold and half asleep! I have 4 word docs open that I should be addressing and here I am in window no.5 preparing a blog post to post later!

Show me the way to the coffee… my brain has worked out it’s MONDAY & it seems I may have broken the internet!

 My memory stick is in the other room and despite a large amount of hoping and wishing it isn’t going to find me on its own. My telekinetic powers fail once more!

Oh well, I will just have to pass the kettle in the kitchen on my way.

Part of the AWF blog is keeping myself on track, so as I need training barriers this morning I am leaving myself a things to do before work list;

  •  Finish book proposal
  • Complete application paperwork
  • Write 2 cover letters
  • Research 3 websites – writing schedule
  • Attempt to add more poetry to the current m/s

That’s just the ‘writing’ points, I have more to do on life and prep for work!


THE EDIT – 2 hours later

  • Finish book proposal – Nearly, I have a page of notes and references to work on tonight. I find writing the introduction to a book you have not yet written to be an almost impossible task in a Dr. Seuss type way.
  • Complete application paperwork
  • Write 2 cover letters…emails sent
  • Research 3 websites – writing schedule
  • Attempt to add more poetry to the current m/s

^ ^ ^ The remaining items are ‘timed out’ as I need to start on other missions now away from the world of writing!

If I manage to complete the list by bedtime I will be happy. (I hope!)

The Early Bird – has bleary eyes!


It is just after 5a.m, I had a dream about followers of this blog, I woke up to something better… Technical support. I can now (finally after 12 days of looking) add categories! Thanks Hastywords! My new discovery was Quick post, it seems I can smartblog! Although scrolling is difficult! Should have bought a BlackBerry!

I have been working on my next submission a short fictional scene, this one is half way there… Or it was. I twisted the characters on my last rewrite.

I’ve also found some great blogs – will link when I’m on the laptop & some more writing opportunities.

I’m no further on with my manuscript and owe it to date about 9000 words from my 1000 words a day toll!

I’ve only managed 1 take-out-reusable – coffee- cup coffee because I have since bought an instant espresso … I will risk a normal size mug but my reusable coffee cup is worlds too big!

Happened to read several articles on caffeine yesterday…. Should I worry!?

This blog is about my writing life and not my whole life but I need to spill some of the jar sometimes! The pebbles are cutting into me, after a particularly bad day at work yesterday, I’m not looking forward to making room in my jar for the pebbles today! (If the jar analogy is not making sense go read the first couple of posts use the calendar to navigate… I promise to learn hyperlink. I can do it in docs and WebPages!)