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The Mighty TO DO List!


Today is the first day of this mighty TO DO list – unfortunately only a fraction of it has anything to do with writing!084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43

  • I have just over a week left at work and need to tie up, tidy up and get references and paperwork sent.
  • I have unpacking and cleaning and laundry and all the normal things we have but in a box city house – as we have been mainly sitting in the sunny garden, working or sleeping for the past week!
  • I have to clean and mend my apartment to get it on the market. And redecorate/paint 1 room!
  • I have to choose the estate agent and get the apartment SOLD.
  • I have to fill out and find out some new job opportunities.
  • I need to do allotment and garden.
  • Unpack the new abode!

and a ton of other minute things!

black-tablet-pcMy new online writing course starts today which I am looking forward to and hoping this one will be more enjoyable than the Rhetorical Composition II course was. ALTHOUGH I did learn some useful things from that course that have helped me in a couple of real life situations.

And I am still camping at camp nanowrimo –camping-tent-Download-Royalty-free-Vector-File-EPS-2116 the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed no entry for the 14th – after spending most of the day asleep and the evening in the garden I couldn’t face my manuscript. I MUST PUSH MYSELF – I have come to the hard bit where you have to draw it all together and end it and I haven’t quite decided if the central character dies or not. nano_09_camp_nano_detail_girl2

Best get on with the first TO DO – off to the flat to clean! In this heat! F U N !

to do

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 13 – A New Experience


An exciting thing happened today I ACTUALLY MADE IT to the regional NaNoWriMo Write In! 13006_10151374017814299_822968861_n It was such a scorching day today that it took a while to get ready, so hot and I ended up deciding to take the bus- to save getting lost and also the car park nano1fares in the city are more than a bus fare! Using public transport is something I rarely do nowadays (I spent over 20 years using it!)

I decided I’d treat myself to nearly 2 hours reading… not exactly how it worked out – but the paperback play was a decent (and much needed) fan.

I spent an hour charging all my tech this morning and needn’t have worried as there were powerpoints at the Coffee Lounge.

I also spent sometime last night getting directions and using google street view. I walked there with ease.


We were in the basement of the Coffee Lounge – which was lovely and cool in this weather! 1coffee lounge 6Everyone knew each other and it was a smaller group than Write Ins usually are according to Sue. In the November (main Nano) they have filled the entire level and even had wrimos upstairs!

It didn’t matter that there were only two of us who were new, I joined in the banter & enjoyed the experience. I have some ideas for motivation – just seeking permission from the group to share some NANOWRIMO inspired ideas with you.

An artist paints the latest structural development in the City. artist

I stayed for 3 hours and managed just under 1600  words. I had planned twice this for the day, envisaging I’d have time to write in the evening… but

  • the bus home was late.
  • I had arranged to pick up some household supplies from the supermarket & tea.
  • it was STILL boiling hot.

We still need to fix the wardrobe… by fix I mean build (didn’t pick up the screws until Thursday and we have been working/ putting off such a big job.)

I get to the supermarket and I know which supplies I need – but it is hot and it is summer – and I miss fresh fruit (this week we have eaten food we have in. The only fresh fruit has been home grown strawberries and raspberries) and I fall for the supermarket lay out trick, start with the fruit, past the bakery, then a beeline for soft drinks aisle (heavy basket) then I think about the new things I bought last weekend In the garden cooling off after NaNo Write In  * like this BARGAIN £3 Summer dress and how I now need a pair of shorts (that fit me) so I can wear my legs 😉

  • Supermarket clothing is not expensive,
  • It is taking me over an hour to get ready as I struggle with various bags of clothes – as apart from a few work clothes (less than a capsule wardrobe) hanging off a bed base, the rest of my stuff is in bags all mixed up – I didn’t even get to use wardrobe boxes because they forgot the rails!
  • It’s hot – really hot (not complaining) but you can’t wear the same thing twice or spend ages rummaging through plastic bags!

Our washing machine now works thanks to Mr G & Marcus. (THANK YOU)

  • but I need pegs (you know there is always something you forget? #listless shopping!)

So there I am amongst lovely looking cooling clothing and I pick a few summery things.

Try them on.



four or five times,

an hour goes past.

I do get some shorts and enough summer tops, thin dresses to last me. Hoping now the sunny weather lasts longer than a week!

I pick up tea, and arrive in a heap on the doorstep! Adrenalin got me through the evening but I didn’t have the sort of energy needed to write good fiction! coffee lounge 5

Still long story short (unlike my short story) I managed  to write over 1500 words & broke my wordcount10,000 word count today  in the NaNoWriMo Write In!


Except in July we get a sneaky extra day!

* cooling off in the garden after a hard day of writing, weight lifting & shopping!

NaNo Write In #1 Done!


Will post properly later. Waiting for bus home. Missed previous one by 10mins (wasn’t aiming to catch it!) now the bus is 10mins late! I forget how public transport works now I drive. But on a weekend & after coming into the City a different way every week to writing classes I thought it would be safer and with parking and petrol costs… Cheaper!


Managed over 1500 words which means I crash through the 10,000 barrier! So happy apart from the short story being twice the length!

Camp NaNoWriMo the 13th Day – Lucky?!


In 6 hours I will be on my way to a write in. I really should sleep. Last post.alarm-clock
Just wanted to update my Nano stats before the big write.
imagesCAY08TDAThis past week I have not put enough time aside to write for camp, I could barely keep on top of all that was happening this week as it is, however, IT IS FINE!

  • I know 1 week before camp ends I am off work and can dedicate time to the writing.
  • I only have a 35,000 total (I say this as I managed 54000 in April, that was hard!)
  • I am nearly at the end of the first (LONG) short story!
  • I am finally attending a regional write in – after missing both opportunities in April.



When I actually posted these Stats (yesterday Friday – after a write before work) my deadline was 15th August, I am now behind that again – but hope to manage a few 1000 at the write in meet later! I know I will ultimately end on the 31st July!

Average Words Per Day 1,130

Your Average Per Day 708

Words Written Today 0

Target Word Count 35,000

Total Words Written 9,213

Words Remaining 25,787

Current Day13

Days Remaining 19

At This Rate You Will Finish On August 19, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,358

Night Campers! camp tent

Twilight Camping in NaNoWriMo


I have just stepped out of camp to come and post a few links, you may find them helpful inspiration if you are a Wrimo yourself.


Here is a link to the Office of Letters and Light (a place Wrimo’s know well) and an interview with Jane Rawson who has published her NaNowriMo Novel. It may give you some hope as we fall out of the 2nd week (how did that happen?!) and into the 3rd (eek! Where is my novel?)

I have only just managed over 9000 words but am hoping a regional meet tomorrow will help with the Write In word count.


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11


I have managed a massive catch up in Blogland – including writing for several challenges tonight. I have managed to read posts on other people’s blogs and still need to catch up with lots on my reader.quality-mark

I haven’t had much spare time since I posted this morning and only just made it into camp a few minutes ago. There were Cabin messages and it seems we are all in the same boat of hitting our first blocks and also struggling to find the time to commit.524010_10150984264239299_293259167_n
I plan to get up early and make up some word count. I helpfully left my phone at work today so I won’t be able to make my phone calls in the morning (frees up some time!)

WD-2013WritingGoals-Category I have also CONFIRMED my attendance at a regional NaNoWriMo write in on Saturday, hope to surpass my word count before I have to go and redecorate and clean my apartment on Sunday.

My Stats suggest I will still be writing on my birthday – but I won’t be! 2013-Participant-Facebook-Cover

Average Words Per Day 1,130
Your Average Per Day 718
Words Written Today 73
Target Word Count35,000
Total Words Written 7,900
Words Remaining 27,100
Current Day 11
Days Remaining 21
At This Rate You Will Finish On August 18, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,291

Early Morning Camping


Up early this morning to make up for the 12 hour sleep plus 2 hours powernap after work that was yesterdays story of exhaustion!

Breakfast2 Armed with a breakfast of yogurt bar and allotment fresh raspberries (I really should buy some cereal) I sat down in Camp. I caught up in the Cabin and found I am not alone in my 2nd week struggle for words. I read 2 inspiring motivational emails sent by the camp leaders. And I THOUGHT about my short story. camping-tent-grass-15269945 I would fire the other laptop up and start but I have to be out the house in 20 minutes to go and meet an estate agent at my apartment. I feel a bit like a Pageant Mum must feel, showing someone my beloved pad. I really need to clean it up first but the appointment is an early enough challenge. It’s an agent not a buyer.

Still my early morning stroll around Camp has inspired me – I am now hoping for some time between appointment and work to write! camp

I wrote over 1000 words last night – unfortunately it didn’t count towards my statistics (I had been estimating some word count updates and I was 1016 words over reality! Oppps!)


Right off to get a deal on my pad.


And think about my characters on the drive over!


Camp NaNoWriMo – 10 Days in, 1/3rd Over!


e1b03d4cf9e0dd5e602f266e5d32e0e3 2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-Badgecamp_nanowrimo_2013_calendar_by_somesortofwonderful-d5z9ze1 camp_11_postcard1_detail

I cannot believe that we are already 10 days into camp and that one third of our writing time has now ticked past. I am still on the first short story – a vampire tale (my 1st attempt) inspired by a Friday Fictioneer flash fiction I wrote a while back. This is the same project that seems to have turned into a novella!

I have spent the night writing over 1000 words, unfortunately my last few word count updates were estimated and sadly I was over zealous and inaccurate!

I am now writing the ending few scenes and a little bit of extra events to slip into the middle. Camp NaNo is not about editing so after that it will gather dust on my memory stick and hard drive until later in the summer.

My current word count should be over 11000 if I was following the daily allowance. However this week has been extremely busy. I plan to attend my first ever REGIONAL WRITE IN for Wrimos and this will give me a chance to catch up with the words over the weekend, I hope. Depending on how much writing we actually do. Sometimes these meets are more sociable.

TOP TIPS FOR CAMP royalty-free-bird-clipart-illustration-1102864

1) Keep going! You have made it this far!

2) Protect yourself! Wear sunblock and BACK up your saved files to several places.

3) Don’t do the Maths! Don’t even think about the distance you have come whether your word count graph has bars that reach the expectation targets set or not – do NOT worry! Plan a little writing date with yourself some time over this next week to catch up – or readjust your word count total – a new feature this year for camp!

4) Get involved! Send a message to the other campers in your cabin, read and respond to threads on the forum, blog about what you’re doing, change your facebook status – you may be surprised by the amount of your friends also involved!

5) HAVE FUN! Always. footer-camp

JUNE Review of the Month


june 2  was another exciting month for me as a writer. New opportunities and lots of new friends and contacts were made.

It inadvertently became another month for training. This wasn’t the way I had planned it. I was unable to complete much writing towards the end of the month as the boxing my life up took priority over time and energy and I have only just survived the balance of work and house moving!cardboard-box I gave up on a few submissions and worked on ideas for July and the summer instead.

These included;

Preparation for Camp NaNoWriMo (Online writing retreat – writing everyday throughout July and reaching target word count) I plan to write two shorts and the beginning of a novella. All projects that I have places in mind for later on this year to edit, redraft, polish and send for submission. images

Thinking about editing and changes to make to the children’s picture book manuscript, work on which is planned for July.

And completing the online Rhetoric course – which I missed the final week of as I had no internet access and was like a mad woman attempting to pack up my house and still have time to sleep and re-energise! This means that I won’t be able to achieve a distinction, as I needed to complete 1 more level up activity. imagesCA6R9C43 But to be fair from an academic point of view, I don’t think this would have enabled me to learn more – the bulk of the learning was in the 1st 3 weeks and the rest was using that knowledge in writing various assignment pieces and public service work.

Considering all the sweat and tears that is a bit of a pain, the course was supposed to be 6 weeks – I never would have enrolled on a 10 week one as I was doing my writing classes in the city once a week at the same time and then as those finished work kicked in with its busy period and I found myself moving house!

I have not been put off by this experience and signed up for another online course for the summer which runs mid July through August, something to keep the creativity and ideas bubbling over – if I don’t commit to something I will end up having the summer off as I will be too tempted to stay out and play in the sunshine of the garden instead of writing.WritingIcon21

Again due to moving house I missed some real life festival opportunities and workshops that I would have attended – they are annual so I will pencil them in again for next year. I just barely had the energy to keep going by the end of June!

The children’s picture book course was good and finished this month chn bkswith the whole class going to the pub. Another group of writers I plan to keep in touch with, two have already gone on a writing retreat and we can hopefully help each other with some critiques. Opportunities have arisen from knowing these people and re-training in the genre (last classes over a decade ago and much has changed in the world of publishing since then!)

There is a conference in November that I will try to get to and also some meetings with writers in the city – one of which I intend to attend in July.

I missed an opportunity to re-unite with writers from my Scriptwriting workshops (May), as I was moving house, having been up at 4 am on my removal day I know I made the right decision with this one. 240px-Testcard_F

The Courtyard Theatre (where we went to Alan Harris’ workshops) hosted a Scratch Night – the deadline for writing was back in May and I was in a whirl with work and house matters and unable to come up with an idea, let alone a script in time. Debbie, a friend of mine on the course entered and her script made it through, I would have loved to have seen the work performed and photo_32527_wide_large see Penny and Gill again too. Sadly I couldn’t make it. Then on the 10th there is a trip to Cardiff to see Alan’s new play and I don’t think I can make this either. It’s a work night and a good long drive – I may look into trains. DSC02469

If not I hope that the summer will bring me a chance to catch up – although looking around the house at all the work we need to do now we have moved I am not sure that the summer (only 3 weeks off) will bear the promises of most years. Plus I need to do some job searches having resigned my position last month! royalty-free-photos-a-closed-office-door-with-meeting-in-progress-sign-pixmac-66197375

Other than writing June brought a flurry of house action – we took ownership back in May, had the electrician and plasterer in and a month after we bought it – it was ready to move in – it has taken the best part of 3 weeks to manage that! But now Mr G, 100’s of boxes and I are in. Whhooahhooooo

And in the future this being home and not having to travel miles in round trips will free up space in my head and allow me more time … to write, live, sleep and

B R E A T H E! 084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43

My July writing plans are vague and sketchy the schedule has just had the words



2013 Copy and pasted in every box!

With some slots for manuscript deadlines and emails for the writers meeting on the 20th filled out too.

I think with the practicalities of finishing work, unpacking, selling my apartment, attending tumblr_mk3ebsOpbX1s8sxvqo1_500college reunions and arranging socialising the schedule is full on enough for the summer month.

I am also planning on attending NaNoWriMo Meets in the city – we are having at least one if not two over the course of the July camp. I missed the meets they had in April. I think it would be good and this imagesCA0MAVH9 will make it the 4th group of writers I have met this year who in my future as a writer may be able to keep me sane and away from that overwhelming feeling of isolation.

That was June.

Quite a month.

Busy as anything.

Half way through my writing year.

Happy with what I have managed to achieve and hopefully the fruition of some of the seeds sown will be reaped in my future.  summer

Camp Nano Day 8 – The Story Grows – Tips for New Campers


I managed to make it into camp in the morning on Monday, in between work and unpacking and going out to work. I spent an hour in the garden in the wonderful sunshine writing in my notebook planning out the rest of my story. Seems my short story may develop into a novella after all!

Here are my updated Camp Stats:

Average Words Per Day 1,130

Your Average Per Day 869

Words Written Today 1000

Target Word Count 35,000

Total Words Written 7,827

Words Remaining 27,173

Current Day 8

Days Remaining 24


I have amended them to match day 8 not day 9 as I collected these stats after midnight it showed my word count as 0 – it was 1000, not the 1130+ I am aiming for to stay on target, I have not as yet caught up from the non-write end of week moving days.

I am NOT panicking though, which is the BIGGEST secret I learnt for myself in my 1st Nano Camp in April. imagesCA9G4USI

As soon as you panic you lose perspective and often the will to complete your camp mission. I know that work finishes on the 24th and I will have a few days where I can make up for lost word counts.

I also know that because I chose to rebel* (along with a few thousand others) I will escape the Blockness Monster (as it is called over in camp) as I am writing fresh material after the 15000 word count or possibly before.



* A rebel: anyone who does anything other than the traditional

50,000 word novel.

This includes Non-fiction (my April camp), short stories, flash writing, poetry (hats off to them for attempting high word counts) and any other genre of writing that is not the novel.


Still falling a little short of target is perfectly acceptable considering I am unpacking the kitchen!


My Cabin is active and I have spent time getting to know some of my fellow camp writers, I met another poet which is lovely, we are all girls and so far no-one has suggested a pillow fight (which is a good thing!)

I have  a date for the Regional meet and after missing both opportunities in April am quite excited at meeting other writers mad enough to attempt the marathon in this heat!

Fingers crossed for this weekend!