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The End of My 2nd Camp


So July draws to a close and there are a lot of happy writers around the worldwinner-ribbon-small who have WON their epic writing camp word count! What an achievement!
Personally my 1st camp (in April) I had more time to write and get involved, I posted on the forums, joined regional NaNoWriMo groups and wrote over 54K words! Camp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Winner-Campfire-Circle-Badge
However, with everything happening in July – including nice sunny, let’s be outside weather, the end of my job, moving house, hosting a friend, unpacking etc. I didn’t have the time to get involved.

  • I checked the forums just twice.
  • I did have a much more ACTIVE cabin – not sure how many cabin mates are WINNERS now though – we all seemed to struggle a little.
  • I decided to LOWER my 35000 word count in the final week as I knew I had 1000’s of words to write but wouldn’t have time for 15000 in a few days!
  • I changed it to 20,000 and slam dunked with 21110! Hurrah!
  • I managed to attend one live write in event in the city with NaNo Regional members!



Average Words Per Day 646

Your Average Per Day 681Words

Written Today 0

Target Word Count 20,000

Total Words Written 21,113

Words Remaining 0

Current Day


Days Remaining

Event Finished

At This Rate You Will Finish On August  2, 2013 – not sure about this as I WON on the 31/7

Words Per Day To Finish On Time

camp-winnercamp tent

2460 Words to Go – Over in Camp NaNoWriMo




Average Words Per Day 646
Your Average Per Day 565
Words Written Today 2,640
Target Word Count 20,000
Total Words Written17,540Words
Remaining 2,460
Current Day 31
Days Remaining 1
At This Rate You Will Finish On August 5, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 2,460

Here are my latest stats, I know what I need to do today! I entered the word count today but that is the grand total of the last few days in between unpacking and living! And must finish in time to validate – it has been a battle due to my hectic schedule and not because of the writing. It means I have some unfinished work by the end of camp. I have also found out about some writing opportunities with a close deadline so will turn my energy straight onto them as soon as I have managed this end word count! And then maybe I will prioritise and get the flat on the market!

Off to Camp for the 1st session of the day- with marathon writer head on! typewriter

Camp NaNoWriMo – Just a few DAYS to go!


camp-nanowrimoJust DAYS to go!

I am still ploughing on with the latest short story, I have found some places I can submit this writing too once it is edited! This is enough to spur me onto the finish. I managed to finish the April Camp just one day before deadline, this time I think I will be writing on the 31st July too!

Unfortunately I have so many other projects I need to finish (flat – getting a job -sorting bills –  things that are costing me money and that really should take priority!) that I need to get these jobs done tomorrow before I can finish the writing.

With this (and my sanity in mind) I am hoping to manage the 2500+ words I need a day in a few sittings…


I will have to clear my schedule if I am planning on completing the official NaNoWriMo in November!



My latest STATS:

Average Words Per Day 646

Your Average Per Day 496

Words Written Today 3,000

Target Word Count 20,000

Total Words Written 14,900

Words Remaining 5,100

Current Day 30

Days Remaining 2

At This Rate You Will Finish On August 10, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 2,550

Stepping back into the Writer


It is my first day of freedom and I am thoroughly enjoying not having to break my morning and evening schedules up with work. My main priorities before next week are to finish the flat and get it on the market (FINALLY!), unpack and build furniture – Mr G is taking some time off to help me with that tomorrow and the lifting of extremely heavy boxes. Over the weekend we should be able to get the place straighter and that will give me some space mentally!

I also need to source and sign with agencies for work from September.

The most exciting prospect of freedom is being my writing self! Today I have been (in between unpacking and cleaning up) mainly catching up with the Online Writing Course – Stunt Writing and working towards the 2nd module. I have pottered a little in Blogland. I hope to write for some of the challenges later and also CATCH up with Camp NaNoWriMo and my more manageable 20,000 word count!

I loved spending the night with writers yesterday and it really was the perfect end to what had been a highly emotional, non-eventful departure from a 13 year career. (Oh well!) exit

And the icing on the cake was seeing my friends from London.

Today I will;

Stunt Write

Nano Write

Challenge Write


Before re-uniting with friends at a country pub! (Lovely not having work the next day!)


Happy Writing!

Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 24 – An Adjustment!


NaNoLand_detail Repeating ‘I have NOT cheated’ to myself over and over right now.
I signed up for Camp in May and had no idea that my good friend who has been living in Australia for the past 4 years who I haven’t seen in all that time was back in Europe for a flying visit.

The first I knew of the plan was MOVING DAY when she phoned… and just over a week later we had our 1st house guest – we are still living in and out of boxes, finding spare, spare towels and bed linen has been a 2 day mission!

Anyway long story, short this wonderful week has given me plenty of happiness and laughs but not much in the way of writing space or time. I have managed a few 1000 words.
I hadn’t even logged into my cabin – seems we are all struggling – just one message left since mine last week!

I looked at my STATS and the expected finish date of SEPTEMBER.
I looked at current word count 11900 and thought of all I need to do over the next week… with the house, job applications, finishing the apartment and FINALLY (weeks after schedule) putting it on the market! etc. etc.
So I took advantage of the new TOOL – and ADJUSTED the word count to a more manageable 20,000 – still a way off – still a challenge in a week! But POSSIBLE, ACHIEVABLE and USEFUL.lower-your-standards-and-keep-writing

It will mean I have nearly finished 2 stories. Which I can work on in August!

My STATS now look tons healthier
Average Words Per Day 646
Your Average Per Day 495
Words Written Today 8
Target Word Count 20,000
Total Words Written11,900
Words Remaining 8,100
Current Day 24
Days Remaining 8
At This Rate You Will Finish On August 10, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,013

I AM NOT QUITTING – checklistJust adjusting the writing seat so that I can reach the pedals!

A Slice of Life Near the end of July #2


This is only the 2nd week this month I have managed to write a slice. sols_6I want this day remembered for several reasons;

  • the storm
  • leaving work
  • visiting friends
  • a Royal Baby

The Perfect Storm

Firstly the storm – so exciting after 3 weeks of constant heat and sun – hotter than Hawaii and totally unusual and a sure sign of Global warming for this Island! And now the rain to help the allotment, garden and plants Mr G bought me to brighten up the front doorstep that needed to be watered. The best is – IT IS NOT COLD – the temperature has rocketed up and there are many lulls in between monsoon downpours. I am loving it right now as I am dry inside and looking at the magnificence through a huge window – we will see if I like it the same when I am out in going to work or trying to calm down a class full of freaked out small children!

The 1st thing I wrote this morning was a poem – read it here

The end of an Era

Speaking of which it is the last but one day. I handed my notice in in May and plan to freelance and work for Local Authorities and Agencies come September. The 60-80 hour weeks were making me ill and a decision had to be made. I am very indecisive but fortunately some actions have made the decision for me really. It is strange but because of the medication I feel neither happiness nor sadness at this life changing event. 8 years in the same place and 13 years into my career I would expect to feel something. Maybe that feeling stopped long ago – or I am staying strong and suppressing the tidal wave of emotions. imagesCAVZQJ1K

Across the Oceans – Au Revoir!

Last Monday (another reason there was no slice last week) my friend travelled back from Australia! She has been gone 4 years, although now we have reunited it doesn’t seem that long! She has been staying with Mr G and I – I am embarrassed because the house is so far from straight, her room is filled with boxes and every night we all worry about a mountain of cardboard falling down!

She has managed to get out and see lots of people and now she is one night off the next leg of her journey to France.

Having to tear myself away from possibilities of fun and adventure to go to work and not being able to play because I have to redecorate the flat frustrates me. I will be on holiday when she makes it back. It has been lovely having her here and she doesn’t know it but she has inspired a hearts story or two!

Royal Blue *

And this slice wouldn’t be a true slice if this wasn’t mentioned…Spring-makeover-10-ideas--007

Unlike the rest of the world I was busy last night and not glued to media filling time before the birth of the Royal Baby. However I do have Facebook and the wall was full of messages about the baby, so before I went to bed I knew Kate had given birth to a baby boy!

It kind of takes the shine off waking up and finding out by watching breakfast news (as I would have done today – especially as I was woken up early by the storm!)

Royal Baby BBC

A formal bulletin confirming the birth was displayed at Buckingham Palace


BBC © 2013

* very pleased with my thunder bolt inspired title

And in other parts of my fractious life I am ruled by TO DO lists and clock watching!

to do

  • Flat decorate and sell
  • Applications & agency sign ups
  • Finishing work
  • Sorting new home
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Picture Book Group

I cannot believe this but I STILL have to finish the flat – bobwe only live 7 miles away but after work it is hard to have the energy for the tasks ahead. TONIGHT I am going over and finishing the jobs! Also (fingers crossed) showing someone around.

I need to sign up with agencies for September and complete the LA application form – and post them by the end of the day – have not found time in the past 4 weeks to deal with this!

NaNoWriMo – I am struggling with this as the short story I was writing turned into a novella. I have overcome the writing block by starting another story and hope to find time to edit and submit both manuscripts over the summer! nano3

The Picture Book Group had to postpone our weekend meeting due to riots in the city, we are meeting tomorrow night instead, tonight after work and the flat I have to critique 5 manuscripts.

And my friend thought her flight was today – it is tomorrow so all the busy-ness I planned means I won’t get to see much of her.


Happy Summer!

Finding my way back to Camp – NaNoWriMo Day 20#


I have a niggling feeling that I am going to have to succumb to lowering my word count this summer. I had not properly factored in a realistic schedule around moving, unpacking, cleaning, decorating etc.
This morning – spurred on by an article in the top of my reader promoting a vampire paperback, I was inspired to do some research!2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-Badge

An hour of research later and I FINALLY feel I can finish the story!
So that’s what I will do next.

Planning on UPDATING this Nano post throughout the day! SO POP BACK!
keep-calm-it-s-only-10000-words-6…. and 25000 to go to target (in 10 days!)


5 Hours later – I have had a picnic in the garden, done laundry, checked my emails and helped Mr G sort a drainage issue – opened 8 boxes unpacked half of those and found the home file I was searching for (which has important paperwork for flat sale), footwear and clean towels!

Have I written – no – have I researched -Yes- there is still some time left today to make it to camp!

A Morning Ramble Vs. A Hike Around Camp


sunshine The sun is shining – the sky is blue and cloudless, I have woken up 2 hours later than I had hoped (something to do with going to bed 2 hours later than I had planned!) I am meant to be at the apartment in DIY mode, to be honest I can barely keep my eyes open, there is a definite layer of ‘glaze’…
I have to be in work in 2 hours, if I went back to my old place now I would only have an hour and as it took me over 2 hours last night to do the windows, blinds and oven I don’t hold out much hope on pre-work DIY!

Which is great because I get to catch up online coffee lounge 3– my new writing course started Monday and I have only checked in twice and as yet not written a thing for it! The assignment is due next Monday. There was a critique group tomorrow that I was attending for the picture book group, there is also some sort of rally/march and the police have contacted groups and advised them to meet at a different location. Unfortunately I really don’t think I will be in a position to attend as there is so much to do, including now the DIY on my flat. imagesCAXYWLS5I had planned to hand the keys over yesterday to the estate agent, to be fair I still need to find my energy certificate and I need to be a bit kind to myself I’m still working and juggling life! AND IT IS SO HOT I can only manage things slowly!

Tonight is the staff party/ leaving party for 5 of us, it’s a meal. However, Mr G and our friend who is staying over are off out to the bar, then cinema and then back for a night on the town. I am so tempted to say other things have come up – I have signed up as a no show before and it mattered – figure as I leave next week it may not matter so much. But I am the kind of person who sticks with the 1st commitment even if the 2nd option is world’s better!

I haven’t written for camp all week so I think I may make my 1st mission completing the first nano4 short story and updating NaNoWriMo word count.
We also left the bathroom window open last night and have 3 moths that I am not sure how to get rid off – anyone know the best way to catch a moth and release it?

Off to read a couple of challenge posts before I fire up the offline computer and NaNo.

Happy Writing, Rambling and Hiking!

When the Apartment is Ready, I Will Write!


I have been blessed with a magic helper who worked really hard getting the apartment clean yesterday, so now I just need to do the windows, painting, some DIY (not looking forward to, very scared!) and blinds! pin-up-woman-cleaning-up-cold-blue-winter-snow-28623149
The other good news is we think the downstairs apartment has sold, which means that there are now only 2 in my unit for sale and 1 other in the complex and I have had some interest shown in mine even though the estate agents are still waiting for keys.

I have woken later than I hoped and now have little time before work – and zero writing time – I am pushed to post and eat and wash!
I am hoping that it will take just 1 or maybe 2 more trips to finish the flat and then the keys can be handed over before the weekend! Yippee!

I haven’t managed any NaNo Writing since Saturday’s ‘Write In’,coffee lounge 8 it was not my plan to be stuck having to produce 1000’s of words over the weekend but there you go – it will be a case of wherever I am my laptop comes too! pc (Apart from possibly the leaving meal with work tomorrow night!) This week has gone FAR TOO quickly!

Write off to eat and leave!


When were the times in your life you were too busy to write?

I would love to hear tips on how you managed.

Another Jam Packed Day!

Copyright Leo Norrie 2012

© 2013 Leo Norrie

I LOVE the summer – it is definitely my favourite season and it looks like FINALLY after a perpetual winter of 18 months or so we are being rewarded for the long wait!

HOWEVER, with the happiness of sunshine comes a influx of social engagements, deadlines, busy work periods and for me this year …change (by the bucketful!)

My main focus this week has to be getting my property ready to sell, I have arranged the marketing and estate agent at least. I need to search for an energy certificate that is in a home file that I had arranged to leave at the house which was then packed in any number of identical boxes. My packing was so erratic by the end that I was writing the room for the box and neglecting writing contents – regretting that now! cardboard-box

I am gradually unpacking our new home – not rushing – I know someone who moved last week and is practically unpacked already- he got help and was also a bit ill before his move! So had some organisational time from his sickbed!

My other focus is work, sorting references and forms and agencies for later on this inbox-outbox-mailyear. Oh and of course working.

There is also something very exciting happening this week which is taking up a lot of time – and I wouldn’t wish it any other way but all this time is coming out of which schedule?! ….

MY WRITING SCHEDULE – I am feeling the fear of falling behind with Camp NaNoWriMo writing and yesterday started my new online writing course – which had no posts for the 6 hours I checked before work and now I have missed things which have closed on the forums and all sorts as my first log in is recorded today! write1

I may have less time to blog over the next few days too- bit hard when you’re armed with a paint roller! Hopefully tonight after work and tomorrow after a full day at work I will have time to clean the apartment and paint a small room and get my keys given in before Thursday! And by Saturday it WILL sell! 🙂 … and I will collapse! 😉

Right back off to the course and module 1 I have managed the orientation video and information now to do some learning and writing.