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Submission Sent


My 4th submission of the month and 12th of the year, a book proposal. I have worked on this project for a week – after spending a fortnight on a different commission which unfortunately I lost out to someone pipping me to the post.


It feels strange as I have spent all my writing time since Tuesday working only on this project. I now have a monologue and several short stories to attempt to complete before the end of March. It will feel strange treading back into fiction.

Still enjoying this decision to attempt freelancing.

When you are doing what you are supposed to do it feels good, that’s the true success story.

Slice of Life Challenge 24 of 31 – A Lazy Sunday SOLC


Today has been a wonderful day, the sort of productive, positive day you don’t mind sharing on your blog. I got up early (for a Sunday and considering I had a late writing night Saturday) and worked on my book proposal. Then Mr G. and I drove into the City to go to the Electric Cinema – a lovely old place complete with sofas and waited service. It was a very snowy drive, fortunately most of the main roads had a least one lane clear.

We watched ‘Cloud Atlas’ an amazing film. I can’t wait to read the book. I left the cinema full of inspiration and the kind of deep thought good films encourage to escape. We were going to pick up a late lunch on the way home, we decided to save that part of the treat for later in the week.

I got home and sat down to finish my book proposal and … I broke the laptop – not literally I’m on it now. Earlier it wouldn’t switch on at all. I fell asleep waiting, having had 6 hours sleep.

I woke up very confused at 8pm thinking it was tomorrow morning. I finally started to finish my book proposal at 9:30pm, 1.5hrs later I have finished my sample chapter and just need to format and edit the package. I am excited and hopeful.

I will email that before bed. I am in my PJ’s ready!


Hope you all had a good weekend.


Here’s a link to my other slice 21st March – I missed posting the link as 21/31 was closed


I happened upon ‘Two Writing Teachers’ blog a week ago and discovered their Slice of Life Tuesday posts, for March they challenged everybody to a month of slices. People have joined in late (like me), I hope next time to catch it in time and supply a whole month of slices.

Dusting the Crampons off Again


I spent Thursday evening carrying the book proposal in my head, instead of working on the laptop. I was tired and fell asleep at 6pm, I woke up about 7 and set an alarm for 9pm (to get up and write) I slept through the alarm. Waking up @ 10pm I had to make the decision stay (in bed) or go (get up & write)… I was still in my work clothes and hadn’t eaten so I got up. I couldn’t be bothered to cook I just ate some rice cakes and read a couple of articles to wake up fully.

Things (writing) have started invading now. I wanted it this way, I am not complaining. Some days (even with the schedule) I struggle to keep focus on 1 project at a time. My mind wanders onto other simultaneous writing ventures. I am scribbling lots of notes in an attempt to keep the mind track rolling in one direction.

 Again if any of you want to share your experience, tips or advice here, please do. Although I have recently read articles which suggest this is common for freelance writers as is the need to work on a range of writing at the same time. We are unlikely to have the pleasure of just working on one piece until it is completed and submitted.

I managed to complete a short writing time and also redraft the writing schedule for the weekend in detail. This will be the 1st writing weekend in March as I have been too ill to manage not having some time off. (I still have lingering cold germs but not as bad as they were and besides my schedule is just to full to be ill this weekend!) I am working on 2 big projects with March deadlines and a few other submissions due before the end of the month. I need to make this weekend count.

Friday morning was a success… falling asleep at teatime yesterday certainly proved I needed to rest. My body was still in shut down mode this morning, sleeping through alarms and phone calls. I eventually woke up and after half an hour (breakfast & coffee) was at my laptop working on the proposal (proud of myself!) I have managed 1.5 hours and now need to get ready for work. I feel I have left it all in a good place to carry on with it this evening.

I lost some time working on the proposal Friday night, as I really wanted to see the programmes marking the closing of BBC Television Centre, so sad! broadcasting_bbc_logo

I was up bright and early (for me on a Saturday) to go and work on the life project, I think it went well and I was back and sitting behind my laptop by10a.m. I spent 2 hours researching and this afternoon I am hopefully adding lots of meat to my example chapter and reach may even reach completion! I can then edit and proof it all tomorrow before I make my next submission. Exciting! I am STILL locked out of my hotmail account (since Tues) I hope to have access to the writing I need by tomorrow.

 It is really cold today as it has snowed for the past 2 days (in March!!) the clocks go forward soon and I can’t believe I need to get my Wellies out of the car boot again! The rooftops are pretty with Christmas card snow, the main roads are clear at least but as I found out this morning the pavements are deeply covered and slippery.

I’m wrapped up warm as I sit in one position typing away at the keys, my trusted Slanket – or Slanky as I call it!




Just a Slice


Well here we are, several steps closer to the weekend! I am still locked out of my email, I have now contacted Microsoft for help. At least I have the joy of AN EMPTY inbox over in the new account I am using, having already filed emails from the publishers into a folder, how very organised (totally unlike me)! AND the good news is I have an extension, so hopefully I will be able to access the research notes from my locked account to help finish my proposal by mid weekend, this is great news as I am still suffering this cold (2 weeks now) and I started on the book at 8 this morning and needed more sleep. Which left just an hour before work to write and finish the 1st chapter. Now I get to spend some proper time on it tonight and I can actually have a bit of  much needed down time before work. Phew!

As far as the weekend goes it is already fairly packed. Finishing this proposal, writing some other submissions, meeting with tradesmen I booked earlier in the week, going to the allotment which has been resting all winter. I hate to think how bad it is going to look and how much work there’s going to be! Completing work,work paperwork and for Sunday Mr G. and I are booking a treat.


Offline now until I finish my book proposal.

Happy writing