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Blogtember 6th September – Day 4 – A Tale of Fear


BlogtemberFriday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.


I was 6 and this is still a vivid memory for me.


Running down Drummond Hill the rain lashed like a whip against my face, cheeks red and brow soaking. My clothes clung to my skin. The heavens had just opened without warning. The sky turned from white to grey in a blink of an eye and before I knew it the sheets of rain were lashing down.

I’d not got far to go, past the old school, round the corner and across the street. My feet were now soaked and squelched uncomfortably in my shoes, I could feel rawness rubbing at the back of my heels. I should have stayed at my friends house, why did I choose to run all the way home, alone?

Then it started. The thunder, crashing and rumbling over my head. The sky felt claustrophobic, like a low hung ceiling, everything was closing in. I was getting a stitch. I didn’t want to stop. I knew that after thunder came the lightning and sure enough just as I thought it a bolt lit up the dark sky. I was scared of storms. I hid from them even when I was inside the house. Under my duvet cover, safe, as mum went through the house switching off plug sockets.

Out here I was exposed, cold, wet, alone and petrified.

Nearly at the bottom of the hill, just a few hundred yards to go, more thunder, rolling this time. Another pang of light stripped the sky of darkness. I could see the corner of my road now. Lightning lit up the kitchen window of a house near the end of the road, an old bearded man looked out. Before I could pass his house, he was at the door. I panicked. I knew not to talk to strangers. But I was well mannered, soaking wet and scared. What if he invited me in?

I was only about five houses away from home, he was shouting and waving his arm, standing on his doorstep.

‘The tree!’ he shouted, ‘The tree!’

To my left was the Fosters lawn and a tree as old as the houses. I stood underneath it and shivered. It didn’t offer much shelter, the rain dripped off the branches, cold and unexpected. I was soaked through already. I stayed there. Quiet, frightened and cold, until the storm started to subside. I don’t know how long, maybe ten minutes, felt like days to me at the time. The rain lightened too. I looked back at the window, the man waved. I waved back and ran off down my road.





As an adult I know the WORST place to shelter from a lightning storm is under a tree. I think that is what scares me most about this story!

Blogtember September 4th Day 2 – 3 Months Off!


This is a wonderful challenge, with a list of fantastic, thought provoking prompts. Click the icon to find out more.

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your Blogtember
current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? (bonus points for
fun photos from Pinterest, but don’t forget to cite the source!)

Now my initial thoughts on this prompt were split. I am (technically 1 month in to doing exactly this) having made the changes I have to start over. I re-read the prompt and thought about stepping out of my life for a bit and taking hold of a different one.

Of course we all have ambitions & most of you have read months of posts all about mine, so this is my chance to dream something different…

I would travel, absorbing the riches of culture and life. I have done some travelling, but the trip of my dreams needs crowd-funding! And realistically because I have taken time out and have yet to earn, travel is something that cannot be on my actual agenda for some time! Here I can just do it. I would also  learn to fly a helicopter. This is something I would love to do but doubt I ever will, especially if the pilots need perfect eyesight rule applies.

I would like to be outlandish and say that I would go to Mars on the space mission, but those chosen are only getting a one way ticket and I know I would miss Earth too much. Besides much as the Galaxy fills me with awe and wonder, as much as I love star gazing or flying, I have never had a desire to launch myself into space.

I could go and do something useful to help other people for three months. But I know in my heart of hearts if somebody turned around tomorrow and said – ‘Here’s 3 months, everything’s in hand we will keep this writing / working thing ticking over for you, sell your apartment, pay all your mortgages and bills and make sure your life is just as you left it (only better when you return)’ and then said ‘the world was my oyster…’ I would take it literally pack up a bag and take off.

Some places I have been, some I haven’t … I would love longer than 3 months, but I am used to packing 6months travel into 1.

ENJOY the trip!

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And then fly home


First Class!

All images used in this trip are copyright Creative Commons images.

Blogtember September 3rd Day 1 – Who am I?


Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

I am a middle child and the only daughter. (Which also makes me the only niece and only granddaughter on one side.) I have an older brother and a younger one. We grew up in a small town in the middle of England. Surrounded by countryside, memories of walking up hills that seemed like mountains to my young legs. I think the factors that made me (apart from the obvious) are events, lots happened in my childhood. When I think about it some of the events were down to me. I created them and the result – cause and effect.

The first one I don’t even remember but it is a demonstration of my strength, stubbornness and darker side – I held my breath as a child, because I couldn’t get my own way. My mum called for an ambulance as I had passed out. I was fine, but she was told she had a highly wilful child (I wasn’t even a toddler) and the WORST thing she could do was give into me. In hindsight my childhood may have been easier if I hadn’t revealed my hand so soon! 😉

We learn a lot from our parents, I guess my mother helped mould the woman I am today. She is strong.

I am one of those people who aims and fires but doesn’t always get the target so I have to work for it and if I really want it, I will get it in the end. Once you have the success you tend to forget about the hardship you confronted along the way.

I am headstrong and have plenty of good role models in my life!

I have also learnt the importance of surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you and to turn to friends and family in times of need.

BlogtemberJust found out about this Blog Challenge whilst posting an advert for INKSPILL. The Blogtember icon will explain the challenge and this bright pink INKSPILL

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will tell you all about the writing event I am marketing, which I hope will be an annual event.