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Drummonds 42 – 10th Event of the Month


It was a great evening, inspiring and there was a certain buzz in the air. I really needed to surround myself with creative people after the mission of getting through several hard days of work!

I had written a set of poetry especially for the darker side of this event and when I came to look for them a few days earlier – I found that they were lost – I still haven’t come across them, I know I will eventually and when I do that will be another ready-made set. Instead I looked to what I had that was suitable in my folder and found 3 people wouldn’t have heard – including one I wrote when I was 15 that was published.

Instead I shared a couple of recent poems and a VERY old one, written when I was 15 and published the same year. It went down well.


A Great Night of Flashes!


Drum42It was my 2nd time to the 42 event and my 1st time reading Flash Fiction, I found it far harder than performing poetry – every line seemed to last forever and the relief of a full stop was short lived! I have admired the storytellers and those brave  enough to share short stories at Spoken Word events over the past few months, having given it a go I think it is an occasional thing for me. I will still write prose, flashes and shorts, but you won’t find me sharing them at an open mic until 2014!

I learnt a lot from listening to other writers, some of the stories were incredible. It was a fun night.


Andrew Owens was aiming to compare us through 42 Flashes and I think we managed 47! WOW! It was a great night enjoyed by all and Polly Robinson is doing a review of the event online – which I will look out for and post links soon.