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Alistair’s Photo fiction – A Conversation with the Universe


Another wonderful challenge hosted on Alistair’s Photo Fiction blog – to find out more click the prompt photo. To find out more about Alistair Forbes visit his other

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A Conversation With the Universe

11 06 June 9th 2013

“I see you looking.” whispered Kate. She always had to find some human resemblance before she’d trust the universe could hear, ignoring the basic concept; the universe is an orb that surrounds us and is everywhere.

She checked the grass, folded her skirts and sat down.

“Universe, I often wish for simpler times, what I wouldn’t give to have decisions made based on the natural world alone, human beings relish complication it seems.”

The universe didn’t answer, it never did. This time it just stared at her out of the corner of its beady eye and held its pointy nose haughtily in the air. Kate giggled as she noticed the court jester style pointy chin and beard.

‘You won’t be laughing soon!’ the face thought. He knew what happened to people who made the universe feel small and simple.

There was an almighty clap of thunder, the wind grew stronger, Kate screamed as all the leaves whipped up off the floor in a panoramic attack…