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Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Ambush/ I scream


apf This is my entry for this weeks photo fiction challenge from Alastair. To find out more about this prompt click the photo… it’s active, be careful of Paul’s Ice Cream Cart though… you don’t want to set that off!

20 08 August 11th 2013

The play area had been fenced off. All they could do now was sit and wait. Between the four of them, they had clear sighting of all exits roads and paths. There was no escaping this ambush, they just had to bide their time. Hiding in plain sight had been the Commander’s idea and as far as ideas went, this was a pretty good one. Nobody would suspect what was really inside Paul’s Ice Cream cart or ask where Paul was.

Like true professionals these soldiers were able to keep expressionless faces as they listened to the information coming through their cleverly concealed ear pieces.

“3 o’clock, approaching the yellow gate, East of target. You have about 2 minutes.”

Within seconds the soldiers stood up, rising as one unit and crossed over the road to the play area. Paul’s Ice Cream cart was ticking away the seconds until impact. They just had to lay the lines now and it would all be over.