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A Day of R & R and Planned Action


I wrote this post this morning and then spent the rest of the day asleep!

shrew ch6

I am exhausted after my poetry day yesterday (and the late night caused by post performance adrenalin) – I think I dragged myself to bed at 4a.m! I am going to have to start a post performance routine of a hot milky drink and quick costume change into PJ’s as soon as I walk in through the door and bed as soon after if I am going to survive 2014!

So this morning I treated myself to a much needed sleep in followed by a laptop lie in – this is where you basically get up to sort the tech and then crawl back under the covers!

I have spent 2 hours on admin this morning – offline. Sorting spreadsheets (finances – all still outgoing) this will turn around, I will be in a position to pay myself back every penny and now I have the challenge of doing more in 2014 but not using as much self funding as I did in 2013, it’s petrol and transport costs mainly! I spent time on a January Action Plan (only 3 days late!) and have my writing tasks set up in my desk diary – as well as in my electronic action plan. imagesCA6R9C43

I have 3 websites to check out and then a short story to conceive, some Haiku poetry to write, I have to organise 2 sets of poetry as I had confirmation last night that I have a spot at this month’s SpeakEasy (hooray) and have two other open mics before that. Plus a mid-month gig that I am desperately attempting to learn my poems off by heart! So that’s the next 3 days sorted.

Good job I am not back to work until next week, I am trying to use the weekend to visit relatives who I was too ill to see over Christmas though, I need to see them before work starts again.

So I have chiselled out some writing time to focus on this little to do list, some of today and tomorrow evening and Sunday daytime.imagesCALAS5MY I am hoping to make my next workshop and open mic event this Sunday if I haven’t collapsed in a pile of post-it notes, sharpies and writing by then!

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I also hope to complete the review posts in this blog and pass the Dragon Award forward AND we are about to CELEBRATE 1 year of blogging as AWF turns 1 on the 4th – I started the blog in the small hours and edited a post which meant the first live message went out on the 5th! So like the Queen, I guess we can have 2 birthdays!

Party hats anyone?

Happy Writing!