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Christmas Arrives… Finally!


Despite Christmas appearing in the shops in November, we have never thought about it until December in my family. Mr G likes to stick to the tradition of decorating 12 days before Christmas, which was Friday.
By the time I made it home from work I was so tired I was asleep before 6pm, we decided to leave it all until today.

I organised my nephews to come, the youngest is 6 in just over a week but for now he is 5 and happy to decorate trees, he told me at my Gran’s 90th how he enjoyed it. So I plotted with his parents to get him over.tree1
My eldest nephew wanted to come and play games on the Playstation! They both arrived late morning and by 3pm the house was Christmasfied – my tree has been completely decorated by him and is gorgeous. When I look at it, I instantly think about him!
He was mortified we had no presents yet to go under the tree!



Mr G had decorated the main tree before the boys arrived. And now the stairs have a garland and gold bells and stars hanging from the banisters on the landing, wreaths on the door. Decorations on the handles and mantelpiece! But better than all that – the house was full of laughter.

We played games, did some drawing, wrote Christmas lists and cooked pizza, they had a great time and I loved them being with us!

This evening I even STARTED my Christmas Shopping – online and out of the cold. I love a Christmas shop in the crowds though, will possibly make 2 local ones before Christmas Eve, I only have a little work booked next week. Should be plenty of time for wrapping and completing Christmas preparations!



I haven’t done any writing today and have some deadlines coming up on Monday. Tomorrow Mr G and I are going over to my Mum’s for Sunday Dinner and around that I will attempt to make deadlines!