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A Day to be Noted



Sometimes important things happen on days, other times the days themselves are special. We have seen quite a few in the past decade.
Today I wrote the date a few times and it didn’t even register.
Then tonight on social media talk turns to 10 past 9 and fourteen minutes past 2 and it takes a while for my brain to catch up!

9:10 11/12/13
11/12/13 14:15:16 (secs)

Now if I hadn’t been working all day I am sure this would have passed me by!
But as it didn’t and as seeing consecutive dates like this won’t happen for another 90 years and I am not planning on making it into my 120’s let alone later, I thought I would mark the passing of today on the blog.


90 yrs con

If I had known about it earlier I could have marked the passing of the day at postponed festival event in the City. This evening ‘Not The End Of The Worlds’ Preview Show and Festive Special took place.

Free festive event as it was postponed from the poetry festival earlier in the year. Poetreality will be performing a selection of works from what will eventually be his first anthology ‘Not The End Of The Worlds’ – a rare chance to catch an early scratch version of the show for free.

There were potential open mic spots available too – but performing aside it may have just been a good vibe event to end a lovely work day.

However, in the light of spending last weekend asleep and knowing I have things booked this weekend and cannot repeat a mega snooze, it is a good job I had no idea about this event. I shall be treating myself to an early-ish night before work again tomorrow!