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Day 10 NaNoWriMo – 20K Smashed!



I originally posted this morning – Post Marathon Cool Down NaNo

I have written today’s Nano in three parts – as I attended a Poets for Peace event this afternoon and dropped in on a birthday friend!

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Happy Birthday Liz!

This morning I managed 1289 words before getting ready for my Poetry set.

I have written in two sittings this evening – just before tea – a wonderful allotment grown pumpkin curry take 2 (less chilli) made by the delectable Mr G. and finished just now – laptop balanced on very full and happy stomach. I managed another 891 words bringing today’s total to

and my actual word count total to 20193!

I HAVE SMASHED 20K il_fullxfull_360728094 on a weekend that was kicked off by reaching 15K!

I am delighted. My personal challenge this weekend was to break 20K and I have still managed to go out spend an afternoon with friends, catch up on my sleep, attend a Poetry for Peace event, visit a birthday friend and finish reading my novel as well as writing just over 5000 words and writing 4 new poems!



Words Written Today = 2,180
Target Word Count 50,000
Total Words Written = 20,193
Words Remaining = 29,807 (see I said this would be below 30,000 before the end of the weekend!)
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