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Top TIPS for Wrimos – NaNoWriMo


During the NaNo Marathon Writing_Marathon_851x315_1(yesterday, 9th November) I watched  LOTS of live streaming from the Google Hang Out – mainly to placate my guilt from not writing much as I spent the afternoon and evening with friends we’d not seen for a while and to feel part of the nano community as I missed the regional meet/ write in/ live marathon.

For those of you who didn’t run or watch and for those of you who did, here are some inspirational tips now we have passed the 30% barrier!

NaNoWriMo-General-FlyerTOP TIPS

on getting stuck….try



Taking a break

do something not novel related

Go back to it

Start at a different point

Some writers add a challenge word

Take a shower

Murder your inner editor

Chat or forums twitter – ask for help maybe someone out there has an idea

Look at cat pictures or something else on the internet every 15minutes or 100 words

Search random photos and add a scene about them

Dream sequences


Go to the library

People watch

Give yourself some inspiration for 10-15 minutes

Go for a walk

Take a timer 15-20 minutes

Go to the regional in person event – bunch of people trying to do the same thing

Word wars


Have snacks handy

watch Google + hangouts

Go somewhere where all you can do is write


On hitting the wall;

keep writing and …


sprint –  5 minutes as many words as you can

include certain things in the manuscript – wrimos pick key words/ objects etc

Ask ‘What would your character do if no-one was watching?’ & write!


I Met Mr Music – Mark Lanegan!


A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to catch Mark Lanegan perform his acoustic set in a tiny venue – 500 people or so, I was practically on the stage – right at the front – just a few metres away from him. It was the first time I had heard him LIVE and had only recently started to hear his low tones coming from Mr G’s Ipod. It was an amazing gig, left me feeling how music should.

So to my delight we were asked to go to see him again – of course we both jumped at this chance. It was only in the evening on our pre-gig tour of the city that I began to think about expectations. Mine were incredibly high as that first gig left me feeling something I can’t even express in words!

It was A M A Z I N G !  copyright jackseattle

For starters he played with his band, he looked 10 years younger than the gig I saw in the tiny venue – we were still up close to the stage – something I never expected – it was a seated gig with the option of standing. Mr G and I went to see Seether last Autumn and felt we had become too old for standing all night and decided we were going to only go to seated gigs – something we might have said without the intention to practise 😉

 copyright sbphoto.comau

And as if the night couldn’t get any better we queued to meet the man himself, Mr Lanegan (we noticed when we walked in) that he was signing.) We shook his tattooed hands and gushed praise and starstruck clichés at him. I wish we had asked for a picture -plenty people were. But the boys were a little too embarrassed or in awe of meeting their hero.

He was so cool that he spoke to every fan, which for those of you familiar with Lanegan is incredible as on stage he is a man of very few words (apart from the ones he sings that is!)

I felt truly honoured and of course we all got our gig tickets signed.

Then we made our way back through city streets to the last bar before making our way home. Feeling invincible and repeating our happy mantra – We just met Mark Lanegan!





Silf Gives Self – Margaret Silf Seminar


Silf Gives Self


A long time ago now – way back in September I went on a Seminar Day facilitated by Margaret Silf – author of ‘The Other Side of Chaos’. It was one of those events that I was torn between going and not. I knew the Literature Festival was the following week and money spent on this day (although a bargain) equated to 2 shows, or several book purchases. I also knew how much her book had helped me and how the edges of my darkness are still tinged grey. Besides which my mum had invited me and it was one of those ‘meant to happen, meant to be’ moments life throws at you.


I was delighted I had said yes (not so much at 8:30 a.m on Saturday when I awoke with a bit of a Friday night head after having friends over, nor an hour later, eating the rest of my breakfast in the car.) But within the first half hour of Margaret’s talk, I knew it was right to be there. 1 med g

It was a great day and she gave us plenty of time to go off and meditate, think about the questions she had posed, or notes we’d taken.

I also met some new people and this in itself led to new opportunity possibly in the future.

I scribbled pages of notes in my writing notebook (the little one) and was touched by the light fingers of inspiration lots, poetry ideas entered my head one after another. I felt like a vessel muse was pouring into.

1 med

Margaret was magical, almost Hawaiian in her laid back attitude and soft speaking. She covered so much in such a short amount of time and felt she could go on and we wished she could also.

1 mag

I cannot wait to start working through the notebook, I think I will try it as the first part of my NaNoWriMo project. I feel I may rebel again (as I did in the Summer Camp) and write my words across a range of projects.





En route home we popped in to my brother and his fiancé in their new house. It was lovely to see them again and hear all about their wedding plans and see the newly decorated rooms. Gave me food for thought for our home. (Not yet started the decorating!) A lovely way to spend a Saturday, I was left on quite a spiritual high.


Good for the Soul!

Inkspill – 19 days to go – Spread the Word!


Here are some buttons you can choose one to copy and paste onto your blogs to support Inkspill. They are linked to the Inkspill page on this Blog.

Hope to see you all involved, I appreciate you spreading the word.

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At Last Time to Ponder and be Still…


weekend-vector-102765Saturday has at last arrived, my hope of a lie in (first one this week) has been ticked off the ‘To Do’ list (which is in my head today, the recording method works for me so well. Today I am not alone and I know Mr G will motivate the steady flow of jobs to do… he has already started!) and that’s as far as I have got! 🙂

I am planning a lazy, homebound day, peppered with household/garden chores, some home cooking, time with Mr G and marinated in hours of writing!

I have sought inspiration this week from so many places, my notebook is full of scribbles and my creative spirit is bursting for the spotlight. I have to give in!

I have a heavy schedule next week and today is my only ‘breathing’ day. I haven’t had time to venture out into Blogland at all this week so I am starting there.

What are you up to today?

The Birthday Celebrations Begin!


The heaven’s opened this morning and treated us to a monsoon, which I appreciate as it means the allotment crops have been well and truly watered and I may not have to go and tend to them over my birthday weekend. My other waking thought was that Mr G would get soaked on his way to work – so an un-presidented event occurred and I got up and out of bed before 7:30 a.m

By 9 a.m I was back home having done the supermarket / birthday treat food shop and narrowly avoided a flood – thank goodness I am living in my hometown again after 18 years away, I know it well. The main by-pass was flooded and I had to go through the end of the waters at the height of my car headlights… I made it as it was about 8 metres until the road was clear but the traffic behind me was at stand still and a mini opposite had attempted it and got stuck. Scary stuff.

We FINALLY built the bed last night it was too tempting so after unpacking the shopping and a breakfast of birthday treat cereal (my inner 7 year old made me buy it! Chocolate pillows filled with hazelnut and chocolate mmmmm mmmmmm, a bowl of diabetes right there!) I went back to bed with my book. Of course it wasn’t long before I had to put it down and catch 40 winks. But now I am up again and plan to use the next 3 hours before Mr G is due home from work wisely!


I have been very tired recently and have been attempting to conserve energy for this birthday weekend.

Tonight I am meeting friends at my dad’s Jazz gig – that was another concern this morning in the rain… it is in a marquee outside the pub/hotel. Mr G assured me the weather was meant to pick up and be sunny for the rest of the afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon I am spending dividing my time between blogland, my inbox, chores and more unpacking. I am about to make lunch – my favourite cuisine is Chinese food so I have bought myself a sweet and sour chicken take-away from the supermarket!

The rain has stopped and the skies have brightened up, there’s hope yet for later on!DSC02400

The Write Path


Delighted I have woken up before the alarm and… it’s the weekend-vector-102765hurrah!

As my ankles ache from last night’s walkabout I decided to sit on the sofa – for practically the 1st time ALL week and fire up the laptop. I have managed to catch up on some writing challenges and emails!

children-s-books-19449416 I can still go to the Picture Book Critique group – we were meeting today but due to some political rallies we have changed day/ venue and I CAN MAKE IT! So relieved.*

Today’s Chameleon Plan;

It was –                                                                                                                                                                                It is;

To go paint a bedroom at the flat, DIY kitchen and bathroom                                                                               Blogland

Give estate agent keys                                                                                                                                                      Catch up – writing challenges

I can see myself catching up on Camp NaNoWriMo writing, the blogs, paperwork and housework… then going to the apartment later on this afternoon to complete the original work list!

And this evening I will be mainly reading manuscripts and other people’s assignments to check out the course requirements.

pencil paper freestock






* Guardian Article

Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Castle in the Sky



16 07 July 14th 2013


Looking at the castle Rebecca could hardly believe just a few hours earlier, her world had changed forever.

It looked different in the daylight, smaller somehow. The magic had gone and in a few short hours the driveway would be open to the public. Eagerly climbing stone steps of the past and murmuring in delight about the view from the turrets.

It was on the top of the hillside near the moat where they picked a spot to sit, his arm wrapped casually across her shoulders. The pale moonlight shining just enough to expose silvery skin. They kissed and delved beneath each others clothing.

Thinking back, Rebecca closed her eyes and saw him again, about what she had seen, then ran from the place where such a spectacular memory was created, down the hillside home. Where she would hide under her covers and pretend she had been there all night.

NaNo Write In #1 Done!


Will post properly later. Waiting for bus home. Missed previous one by 10mins (wasn’t aiming to catch it!) now the bus is 10mins late! I forget how public transport works now I drive. But on a weekend & after coming into the City a different way every week to writing classes I thought it would be safer and with parking and petrol costs… Cheaper!


Managed over 1500 words which means I crash through the 10,000 barrier! So happy apart from the short story being twice the length!

Day 7 Camp NaNoWriMo and the Words Just Keep Coming


tumblr_m2ybgpXFVg1qcenph Here are some of my statistics – end of the first week at camp.


Average Words Per Day 1,130
Your Average Per Day 975
Words Written Today 1,000
Target Word Count 35,000
Total Words Written 6,827
Words Remaining 28,173
Current Day 7
Days Remaining 25
At This Rate You Will Finish On August 5, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,127

I will get there – playing Catch up in Camp at the moment – still loving it. Still on my first short story, I think that it will be even easier this time around working on several projects.

AND my Cabin is ACTIVE! Yeah!


Happy Camping