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Top TIPS for Wrimos – NaNoWriMo


During the NaNo Marathon Writing_Marathon_851x315_1(yesterday, 9th November) I watched  LOTS of live streaming from the Google Hang Out – mainly to placate my guilt from not writing much as I spent the afternoon and evening with friends we’d not seen for a while and to feel part of the nano community as I missed the regional meet/ write in/ live marathon.

For those of you who didn’t run or watch and for those of you who did, here are some inspirational tips now we have passed the 30% barrier!

NaNoWriMo-General-FlyerTOP TIPS

on getting stuck….try



Taking a break

do something not novel related

Go back to it

Start at a different point

Some writers add a challenge word

Take a shower

Murder your inner editor

Chat or forums twitter – ask for help maybe someone out there has an idea

Look at cat pictures or something else on the internet every 15minutes or 100 words

Search random photos and add a scene about them

Dream sequences


Go to the library

People watch

Give yourself some inspiration for 10-15 minutes

Go for a walk

Take a timer 15-20 minutes

Go to the regional in person event – bunch of people trying to do the same thing

Word wars


Have snacks handy

watch Google + hangouts

Go somewhere where all you can do is write


On hitting the wall;

keep writing and …


sprint –  5 minutes as many words as you can

include certain things in the manuscript – wrimos pick key words/ objects etc

Ask ‘What would your character do if no-one was watching?’ & write!


Your VOTES are Needed!


I have added my first poll about your writing habits, a few readers have recently asked for more information about mine, I am busy preparing some articles to post throughout the Summer exploring this.

You can find the Poll on May’s Monthly Review.