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Horror/ Vamp writers PLEASE HELP


Need to check a few references for current nano short story.
To obtain a new member they have to drink vampire blood? Rather than be bitten?
Other than stakes, crucifixes, garlic, holy water and sunlight is there anything that can repel a vampire?
Does the head vampire have a special title?
Do they eat anything or just drink blood?

Thanks… I guess I should have spent less time behind the cushion!

Writing Update – Online Writing, Planned Prequel to latest flash and a Plea for Help!


728431_1297033766Writing Update

Fortunately Assignment 2 deadlines were extended (a great result for every  writer who posted on the forum, it certainly woke up the little political activist in me, although my failure to submit had more to do with a lack of time management.)
The best result has been an overhaul of how the university present the assignment information, to be fair I find it confusing and English is my first language.
Tonight I finished writing my 4 peer reviews on other assignments and had a chance to glance at the 3rd assignment – deep breath, pulls out her time management plan! dl

I hope that by putting the assignment on my writing schedule I will manage to have it submitted in time!

Last night (or this morning in the early hours if I am honest) I wrote the prequel for ‘Receiver Reception’ my latest Flash.
I have written over 1200 words and am hoping to post by the end of the weekend – keep your eyes peeled.2317183342_0be0a151ac

In the meantime if you fancy something to get your teeth into, I have posted a writing exercise and asked for open critique

Calling all Horror/ Supernatural Writers – I need your HELP!


I am new to this genre, I know that the basic advice any writer gives is read, read, read and write about what you know.

The problem there is my vivid imagination, I have challenged myself to read 3 horror books and each time found bile actually rising in my throat!

I have friends who have read Stephen King (bow to the Master) since the age of 12; I guess I am just a scaredy cat.

I have researched around the genre in a technical/ craft type way. I also recently wrote a Friday Fictioneers Flash (100 words) receiver reception find it here. It started life as a 1000 short story, I have been prompted to write more and I envisage writing a serial of flashes to complete the whole story.

 I have read many bloggers who are experts in scaring me with their posts and excerpts and now I need your help, please!

 The following extract is a ‘writing exercise’ hence it’s formulaic and a little stilted I think, or too formal. I offer it to you for open critique – I would really appreciate feedback on this. What it feels like as a reader, how I can improve it. I am a novice in this field. Please post your advice on improving it – what works – what doesn’t…etc




I reach the clearing just as the light begins to fade; I have an hour or so before darkness will prevent me from going further. I stand still to check the area. It is not as big as I had hoped, trees dominate one side and my view beyond is blocked. It has snowed heavily this high up. The only sign of man is a small, wooden bench. It is covered in a thick layer of snow. No one has been this close to the woods in a while. The snow is deep and I can’t see any tracks or footprints nearby. I am exposed on three sides, but if no one has made it up the hill this far I should be safe.

Beyond the bench the wood seems quiet. Almost dead. The spindly trees are dressed in snow and I can see through them further than I hoped. The first six trees deep give me a clear vision of the edge of the wood. It’s a pity I can’t see any further.  I know I need cover, out here I am exposed, visible. I assess the wood, the trees are too thin to offer much protection and I don’t know what lies beyond, deeper in the woods. I am better off out here.

I shiver as a sudden cold chill slices through me, a twig snaps. The sound pierces the silence. I stand as still as I can, holding my breath. Frozen. I feel dizzy as my flickering eyes try to cover all ground, my throat is tight, and I daren’t swallow. It’s hard to see in this dim light, I am snow blind.

Slowly I crouch down in the snow, making myself smaller. I need to see this from another level. It had to be an animal.