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I Never Expected Floor Covering – The World of Carpet NPD


Some time ago (in secret) I was asked to take part in a performance for National Poetry Day. This year’s Poet Laureate for Worcestershire is Heather Wastie and as runner up poets, she invited both myself and Suz Winspear to take part. WLF say that there are opportunities even if you don’t win and I think this is ours. I was delighted to accept.


Heather was the Poet in Residence at the Carpet Museum in Kidderminster (traditional trade in the town), an industry, like many that has left empty mills and legacy across the 21st century streets. Heather was also one of the three guest writers for last year’s INKSPILL (our very own online writing retreat).

Light and Shade is taking place in the carpet museum in conjunction with Worcester LITFEST.

light shade NPD

There was a poetry competition (closed 6th September), the 3 winners have been chosen and voting is open for a 4th poet. You can vote for free on a one click POLL here.

VOTING closes on the 1st October.

WLF Heather WPL

Saturday August 15th

In preparation for entering this competition there was a special open day at the Carpet Museum, which is an amazing place and so much more than I expected was discovered. It was a relaxing few hours walking around to the gentle hum of poet’s pens scribbling away.

I had a whole notebook of ideas.

Nina Lewis © 2015

Nina Lewis © 2015

Tuesday August 25th

A few weeks later Heather, Suz and I met to explore ideas for the writing and the performance space. I was able to use some of the audio resources to gather story. Heather also shared conversations she had had with weavers as part of her residency, these helped a lot with finding character.

Suz and I went away and wrote our poems.

Nina Lewis © 2015

Nina Lewis © 2015

Monday September 21st

We all met again to rehearse the project, it was great fun and I think it is a unique project to be part of. The event is free, the performance space has limited capacity so you will still need to book tickets.

Nina Lewis © 2015

Nina Lewis © 2015

I love being busy on NPD (National Poetry Day) and I look forward to being involved in the world of carpet for this one.

VOTE: Poems in the FINAL – Worcestershire Poet Laureate


WLF&F logo conceptsI am delighted to announce I am in the final for Worcestershire Poet Laureate competition 2015 – 2016, which takes place in 12 days time!

For more detail and a list of events WORCESTERSHIRE POET LAUREATE – The Final – I am a Finalist!



We all wrote two poems, the first of which have been published on the WLF website and are open for public votes.

I am not allowed to tell you which poem is mine, you have ONE VOTE – it’s FREE so please take some time to read the entries and cast your vote.


INKSPILL Feedback On Day 1



Evaluation means that INKSPILL 2015 can be even more spectacular. So please take a little time to feed your answers into this poll and feel free to leave comments, suggestions and reviews on this post too.

A Question for You, With a POLL


Feel free to answer in comment boxes too – I know some followers love a poll…here’s the issue;

Would you enter a competition where the publishers own the copyright of your work automatically?
I was getting really excited about a Flash Fiction Competition – there is only 1 financial prize to be won – and I am sure 1000’s will enter…
I am new to the form this year.

I do not object to my writing being used in the publication/ advertising – I have not found out if there is even an author credit though…

Writers’ have told me it is OKAY to do free and be free a few times early on in your career. Is this one of those or

does it smell a bit ><((((0>y??! Please help!

INKSPILL – Comes to a close, with the inevitable feedback form!

AWF Banner


As with all events, retreats and workshops your feedback is valuable. So now INKSPILL comes to a close the final posts are over to you.

AWF 2013Over to You – Polls, Testimonials and more.

Please could you leave a short statement in the comments, just a few sentences about what you have enjoyed over this weekend.

By commenting – you allow permission for us to use your words/ or part of – as testimonial quotations in advertising next year’s INKSPILL event.

And finally a poll…

Feel free to click as many answers as are relevant but only complete the POLL once. The Poll will be active for a week. Your feedback is important.

Many thanks bonfire2

Your VOTES are Needed!


I have added my first poll about your writing habits, a few readers have recently asked for more information about mine, I am busy preparing some articles to post throughout the Summer exploring this.

You can find the Poll on May’s Monthly Review.