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Travels and Returns


Poems in my pocket, scribbled muse, fantastic memories and a Polski hat I can wear back home as the weather has turned very cold! Uploading photographs and getting back on with the writing schedule again today, I had to create a coloured table to make sure I don’t miss any deadlines now!

Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction – You are Part of Me



/copyright-Claire Fuller

Copyright-Claire Fuller

I discovered rochellewisofffields blog yesterday and wrote my 100 word story this morning, then I realised the new challenge had been posted, I wanted to post this anyway even though I missed the deadline!



Elise wanted to leave her husband something special, show him what their love meant. What could she say to a man who had walked his whole life beside her? What would possibly fill the void where her love once lay?

 With shaky hands she took the card and wrote, ‘You were always there, part of me, I am with you still, now and forever.’

She carefully wrapped up the garden sculpture she had created to make Philip smile, tucked the card into the ribbon and lay down on their bed. Waiting for him to come and hold her.