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Diverse Verse 3



Really interesting to find out about the cover. We have just celebrated this charity anthology with a Book Launch at Southcart books, more on that soon!

via Diverse Verse 3 cover reveal


Trainers – Dverse Poets Challenge


A new challenge in my poetry skin –



For Showing Me the Way – Thank You.


I take a snapshot of you

before I let you go,

you have travelled with me

eaten the dust of my sights


Trodden on the stones

and ragged edges

Saved me from falling,

cushioned my sores,


You worked harder than every expected

and I never gave you a second thought …

Until now.


Now I have to throw you away,

You have more holes than fabric

and when it’s wet

you just can’t encase my skin

in the way you need to,


I promise to give you

a good burial in a shoe bank bin

so you can continue your


help someone else.


For now I must part company

But before I do

Smile for me

One last time.