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Blogtember 9th September – Day 5 – Johnny Depp is my type!


BlogtemberMonday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results.

Today we took a personality test and responded to the results. The test is based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality. I have studied Jung and am aware of Myer Briggs’ Personality tests.

However, I haven’t done a test like this for years and I know a lot has changed for me. I have added my thoughts on the first section in bold – I did the second part (CAREER CHOICE) for my own benefit as I fill the gap between jobs at the moment!

Extravert(44%)  iNtuitive(50%)  Feeling(62%)  Judging(33%)
  • You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (44%)
  • You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)
  • You have distinctive preference of Feeling over Thinking (62%)
  • You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (33%)

I had no idea I was listening to my intuitive voice so well, wisdom and age and all that! I think I was a J before when I took the test in my 20s, I am aware of how much some of my answers have changed!  


Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging  by Joe Butt

Profile:  ENFJ Revision:  3.0 Date of Revision:  23 Feb 2005

ENFJs are the benevolent ‘pedagogues’ of humanity.  They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes.  Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship.  But it’s usually not meant as manipulation — ENFJs generally believe in their dreams, and see themselves as helpers and enablers, which they usually are.  

ENFJs are global learners.  They see the big picture.  The ENFJs focus is expansive.  Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously.  Many ENFJs have tremendous entrepreneurial ability.

ENFJs are, by definition, Js, with whom we associate organization and decisiveness.  But they don’t resemble the SJs or even the NTJs in organization of the environment nor occasional recalcitrance.  ENFJs are organized in the arena of interpersonal affairs.  Their offices may or may not be cluttered, but their conclusions (reached through feelings) about people and motives are drawn much more quickly and are more resilient than those of their NFP counterparts.

ENFJs know and appreciate people. Like most NFs, (and Feelers in general), they are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others.  They have thinner psychological boundaries than most, and are at risk for being hurt or even abused by less sensitive people.  ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can bear.

Helpers and Enablers,

– I agree –

even when I don’t particularly want to, I help others. I struggle to write a story so I switch my mind to writing HOW TO – HELP articles on short story writing to help others. I help others rather than focusing on myself. A birthday party last year that went completely wrong, I stayed with the mothers and entertained the kids, relieved some of their stress and took their minds off the negatives, actually what I wanted to do was go to the bar with the guys and drink beer. (That’s why I had paid for a taxi and not driven!)

My first website helped the writing community.

I retrained as a life coach.

I teach/ educate/ nurture and within that mentor staff.

I have provided muse that has enabled others to become successful!

 Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously.

– I agree –

read any SOLC post! 😉

they are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others. 

-I agree-

and we are sensitive and do get hurt and abused by less sensitive people.

TRADEMARK:  “The first shall be last”

This refers to the open-door policy of ENFJs.  One ENFJ colleague always welcomes me into his office regardless of his own circumstances. If another person comes to the door, he allows them to interrupt our conversation with their need.  While discussing that need, the phone rings and he stops to answer it.  Others drop in with a ‘quick question.’ I finally get up, go to my office and use the call waiting feature on the telephone.  When he hangs up, I have his undivided attention!

Functional Analysis:

Extraverted Feeling

Extraverted Feeling rules the ENFJ’s psyche.  In the sway of this rational function, these folks are predisposed to closure in matters pertaining to people, and especially on behalf of their beloved.  As extraverts, their contacts are wide ranging.  Face-to-face relationships are intense, personable and warm, though they may be so infrequently achieved that intimate friendships are rare.

Introverted iNtuition

Like their INFJ cousins, ENFJs are blessed through introverted intuition with clarity of perception in the inner, unconscious world (ABSOLUTELY!) Dominant Feeling prefers to find the silver lining in even the most beggarly perceptions of those in their expanding circle of friends and, of course, in themselves. In less balanced individuals, such mitigation of the unseemly eventually undermines the ENFJ’s integrity and frequently their good name.  In healthier individuals, deft use of this awareness of the inner needs and desires of others enables this astute type to win friends, influence people, and avoid compromising entanglements.

The dynamic nature of their intuition moves ENFJs from one project to another with the assurance that the next one will be perfect, or much more nearly so than the last.  ENFJs are continually looking for newer and better solutions to benefit their extensive family, staff, or organization.

Extraverted Sensing

Sensing is extraverted.  ENFJs can manage details, particularly those necessary to implement the prevailing vision.  These data have, however, a magical flexible quality.  Something to be bought can be had for a song; the same something is invaluable when it’s time to sell.  (We are not certain, but we suspect that such is the influence of the primary function.)  This wavering of sensory perception is made possible by the weaker and less mature status with which the tertiary is endowed.

Introverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking is least apparent and most enigmatic in this type.  In fact, it often appears only when summoned by Feeling.  At times only in jest, but in earnest if need be, Thinking entertains as logical only those conclusions which support Feeling’s values.  Other scenarios can be shown invalid or at best significantly inferior.  Such “Thinking in the service of Feeling” has the appearance of logic, but somehow it never quite adds up.

Introverted Thinking is frequently the focus of the spiritual quest of ENFJs.  David’s lengthiest psalm, 119, pays it homage.  “Law,” “precept,” “commandment,” “statute:” these essences of inner thinking are the mysteries of Deity for which this great Feeler’s soul searched.

Famous ENFJs:

David, King of Israel U.S. Presidents:  Abraham Lincoln  Ronald Reagan  Barack Obama 
William Cullen Bryant, poet  Abraham Maslow, psychologist and proponent of self-actualization  Ross Perot  Sean Connery  Elizabeth Dole  Francois Mitterand  Dick Van Dyke  Andy Griffith  James Garner  William Aramony, former president of United Way  Gene Hackman (Superman, AntzDennis Hopper (Speed)  Brenda Vaccaro   Craig T. Nelson (Coach)  Diane Sawyer (Good Morning AmericaRandy Quaid (Bye Bye, Love; Independence DayTommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive Kirstie Alley (“Cheers,” Look Who’s Talking movies)  Michael Jordan, NBA basketball player  Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean Oprah Winfrey  Bob Saget America’s Funniest Home Videos, Full House  Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Seinfeld”)  Ben Stiller (The Royal Tenenbaums)  Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts quarterback  Matthew McConaughey (The Wedding PlannerPete Sampras, Tennis Champion  Lauren Graham (“Gilmore Girls”)  Ben Affleck (The Sum Of All FearsJohn Cusack (High Fidelity)

Copyright © 2012 by Joe Butt

I feel honoured to have the same inner make-up as Johnny Depp, Pete Sampras, Sean Connery and Oprah! Wow… now just got to tap it!


ENFJs often find themselves in occupations that require good interpersonal skills to establish productive collaboration as well as to establish or maintain effective work process.  ENFJs one of the most “universal” personality types and they build successful careers in a broad range of organizations and occupations. There are many ENFJs found among mid- and high-rank management roles. Sales, various social services, counseling, teaching, healthcare, community care as well as legal and paralegal services are just some of the examples of favourable occupations for ENFJs.

JCIJung Career Indicator™     determines occupations and areas in which ENFJs find themselves most fulfilled     and content, are most successful, and therefore are most represented in. Based on your personality type, the following is a list of     the most suitable areas of occupations along with some examples of educational institutions, where you can receive a relevant degree or training.

The list included Education and Management.

Famous Personalities Sharing Your Type

  • Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States
  • Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1997 to 2007
  • Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross
  • Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States

This will be why at the age of 12, I wanted to be the Prime Minister. In fact (possibly due to the 44% Extrovert )- I recall standing on a table in the middle of a lesson (and I was not a rebel! I just wanted attention and the teacher had slipped out), and declaring my intention.

Well that was an interesting Blog prompt for me – hope you enjoyed the insight. If you want to take the test use the link next to the Blogtember icon at the top of this post.

Blogtember 6th September – Day 4 – A Tale of Fear


BlogtemberFriday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.


I was 6 and this is still a vivid memory for me.


Running down Drummond Hill the rain lashed like a whip against my face, cheeks red and brow soaking. My clothes clung to my skin. The heavens had just opened without warning. The sky turned from white to grey in a blink of an eye and before I knew it the sheets of rain were lashing down.

I’d not got far to go, past the old school, round the corner and across the street. My feet were now soaked and squelched uncomfortably in my shoes, I could feel rawness rubbing at the back of my heels. I should have stayed at my friends house, why did I choose to run all the way home, alone?

Then it started. The thunder, crashing and rumbling over my head. The sky felt claustrophobic, like a low hung ceiling, everything was closing in. I was getting a stitch. I didn’t want to stop. I knew that after thunder came the lightning and sure enough just as I thought it a bolt lit up the dark sky. I was scared of storms. I hid from them even when I was inside the house. Under my duvet cover, safe, as mum went through the house switching off plug sockets.

Out here I was exposed, cold, wet, alone and petrified.

Nearly at the bottom of the hill, just a few hundred yards to go, more thunder, rolling this time. Another pang of light stripped the sky of darkness. I could see the corner of my road now. Lightning lit up the kitchen window of a house near the end of the road, an old bearded man looked out. Before I could pass his house, he was at the door. I panicked. I knew not to talk to strangers. But I was well mannered, soaking wet and scared. What if he invited me in?

I was only about five houses away from home, he was shouting and waving his arm, standing on his doorstep.

‘The tree!’ he shouted, ‘The tree!’

To my left was the Fosters lawn and a tree as old as the houses. I stood underneath it and shivered. It didn’t offer much shelter, the rain dripped off the branches, cold and unexpected. I was soaked through already. I stayed there. Quiet, frightened and cold, until the storm started to subside. I don’t know how long, maybe ten minutes, felt like days to me at the time. The rain lightened too. I looked back at the window, the man waved. I waved back and ran off down my road.





As an adult I know the WORST place to shelter from a lightning storm is under a tree. I think that is what scares me most about this story!

Blogtember September 4th Day 2 – 3 Months Off!


This is a wonderful challenge, with a list of fantastic, thought provoking prompts. Click the icon to find out more.

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your Blogtember
current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? (bonus points for
fun photos from Pinterest, but don’t forget to cite the source!)

Now my initial thoughts on this prompt were split. I am (technically 1 month in to doing exactly this) having made the changes I have to start over. I re-read the prompt and thought about stepping out of my life for a bit and taking hold of a different one.

Of course we all have ambitions & most of you have read months of posts all about mine, so this is my chance to dream something different…

I would travel, absorbing the riches of culture and life. I have done some travelling, but the trip of my dreams needs crowd-funding! And realistically because I have taken time out and have yet to earn, travel is something that cannot be on my actual agenda for some time! Here I can just do it. I would also  learn to fly a helicopter. This is something I would love to do but doubt I ever will, especially if the pilots need perfect eyesight rule applies.

I would like to be outlandish and say that I would go to Mars on the space mission, but those chosen are only getting a one way ticket and I know I would miss Earth too much. Besides much as the Galaxy fills me with awe and wonder, as much as I love star gazing or flying, I have never had a desire to launch myself into space.

I could go and do something useful to help other people for three months. But I know in my heart of hearts if somebody turned around tomorrow and said – ‘Here’s 3 months, everything’s in hand we will keep this writing / working thing ticking over for you, sell your apartment, pay all your mortgages and bills and make sure your life is just as you left it (only better when you return)’ and then said ‘the world was my oyster…’ I would take it literally pack up a bag and take off.

Some places I have been, some I haven’t … I would love longer than 3 months, but I am used to packing 6months travel into 1.

ENJOY the trip!

usaopen roadamerica66NY

thailand2thailand1thailandthai5thai2thaithai street foodthai 3thai 6thai 4rest thaithai1


indonesia2indon4indonesiaindonesia 1indo7indon6indon7indon5


Outback-Australia2outback 2austbarrierausmap

New_Zealand_-_cropCampervannz n s1NZ31NZ21NZ11NZ1NZ4

And then fly home


First Class!

All images used in this trip are copyright Creative Commons images.