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SOLC – March – Slice of Life Challenge – The Initial 3 Day Catch Up Post!


I had completely forgotten MARCH is the Slice of Life Challenge Month – where bloggers post a daily slice as opposed to a weekly one…
I think the 3 Day Catch Up post may heavily feature on mine – we will see.

Come join in the fun!


Day 1 – 1st March Saturday

No pinching or punching today – which is good, just sleeping mainly!

Spent the afternoon and evening with friends, our first house guests. Very impressed with my friend’s daughter who taught herself to play chess in the time it took me to collect a Take Away!


Day 2 – 2nd March Sundayslice

Nothing was planned for a super lazy Sunday, good job too because after I let friends out of the house I went back to bed and fell asleep… until the next one left (to go and have Sunday dinner!) I struggled to stay awake but attempted it and despite having a paperwork mountain to climb, decided that I needed a rest and spent the evening chilling out with Mr G.


Day 3 – 3rd March Monday slice

My Writing Day – turned into a Wacky Races version of paperwork gathering as I called, emailed and tantrum-ed over missing paperwork, made visits to town branches of banks and by teatime had NEARLY found all the missing documents. Spent what seemed like the whole day completing forms for the solicitors (selling my apartment)…. unfortunately as I was in town I couldn’t by pass the shops without a quick look, it started with the essential toiletries (to make me feel like I had been shopping, whilst at the same time being grown up, thrifty and sensible!) and then I looked for a dress in the SALES for a party this weekend. Then I saw a few bargains and snapped a few up… and so the story goes on and on up the High Street – I must have spent a third of my weekly wages!

I have the party-wear and accessories sorted (masked ball) – I have all the essential bathroom bits – I have some new weekend wear and a new poetry dress. (No one item cost more than £14 and many were a few pounds…) I used to shop weekly and now I cannot remember the last time I did… anyway it is done and I don’t wish for store credit and as all items were SALE price that’s all I would get!

It was fun and a good arm workout for the walk home.

In the evening we went to visit a very excited 7 year old – Mr G’s Godson, who was full of Birthday beans – we spent an hour or so with the family and then came home to collapse in heaps! I was asleep by 10pm and had an early night ready for work today.

Day 4 – 4th March Tuesday slice

Before work at 7 am – I was up, showered and already sending emails to estate agents, housing associations, solicitors and authors.

I went to work (first frozen morning in a while) – I love Tuesdays as I get to work 1 to 1 and whole class and work with 4 up to 9 year olds. A great mix day. Most of it is Music too- creative and fun. I spent every minute of my break chasing calls from emails and half of my dinner time in my inbox and most of the rest of it on the phone.
By this evening I had all the necessary gaps filled in the solicitors forms which are now ready to take in along with my evidence tomorrow.

We had pancakes for Shrove Tuesday – the first one in this house! I cooked dinner did a ton of chores and ran out of time to exercise (or write) – there is always tomorrow…. it is going to feel SO GOOD dropping this paperwork off!



Eating Pancakes whilst Paperwork Eats Writing Time! SOLC


Happy Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Day… we have just (I know it is a bit late) made, cooked and eaten the BEST pancakes EVER! And the first Mr G and I have had in our new home together! Awwwww! We have some batter mix left and look forward to an extra treat tomorrow night. We had 2 each but they were cooked in my big pan and proper crepe size!

I used to have pancake parties and invite friends over, create a table of fillings and have massive sugar rushes! We kept it simple this year – just plain sugar and lemon juice, eating standing up in our own lovely kitchen!
It is the little things! inkspill heart

I sold the apartment last week and instructed my solicitors – following several phone calls I received the paperwork over the weekend, I had a quick look, 3 forms and a letter all looked simple enough. paper-notesWe had plans for the weekend (plans which I messed up by sleeping through most of it!) after Friday night and post WORD UP adrenalin I climbed into bed at 2 a.m to be fair I was working on several submissions when I got in and in the end gave up and decided the 1st March deadlines could be met on Saturday! The lesson I carry forward is; ‘DO NOT put off for tomorrow what can be done today.’ NOT that I could have stayed up but I could have written and submitted some pieces weeks before the deadline instead of minutes before!

As it happened we had plans for the afternoon and I slept until 3PM (oppps) showing up several hours late to meet friends and start our Saturday eveningmorning write…. our first house guests and it was great (we had Amy to stay from Australia, days after we moved in – but of course that was different because we had just landed and the place wasn’t very homely and full of boxes) now there are still boxes but you can see the carpet. It isn’t really ready – but close family and friends come for us not creature comforts and high end style (good job really) – we had a great evening.

I didn’t make the 1st March deadlines. But there will be others.

On Sunday I planned to crack on with the paperwork. Once again my plans were foiled by sleep! I hadn’t had any me time/ down time all weekend – so I did that instead with what was left of late afternoon Sunday and evening.

Yesterday was my only day off this week and I spent the ENTIRE day (almost) completing paperwork for the solicitors. Some of the form filling is straight forward but I have missing paperwork…. plannerit took yesterday afternoon and all of today chasing emails, phone calls and visiting branches of banks personally to collate all the evidence needed for the solicitors.

I need this sale to move swiftly and so far there has been a week between instructing them and completing my 1st batch of paperwork. The good news is things are moving on the other side too. Fingers crossed it will be as smooth and quick as possible!

That is the 2nd week I have lost my writing day – I had the good news of the SALE last Monday and then spent the day checking out legal firms etc.

This week there are a few things in the writing diary – that after my February experience I will NOT ignore. I may have to wait until tomorrow night and Friday to tackle them.

hearthouse ca open mic I have a booked slot (arranged in February) at the Ort on Thursday evening (Open Mic) and then another Poet’s for Passion event in the city on Sunday.

Schools are also celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY, I have an anthology deadline to hit BEFORE the weekend, a cousin’s 30th Birthday Party (a masked ball) at the weekend too. I managed to find a suitable dress and some masks yesterday whilst I was in town at the Bank – what luck!

There are several poetry events I am missing this week – The Poetry Lounge in The Sitting Room are meeting in Ludlow again (I will go back when the night’s are lighter!), The Grizzly Pear is on again this week (but it clashes with the Ort) – I missed last month’s Ort to clashes and have already had my slot booked.

I am also thinking about suitable plots for a short story.

My brain is well and truly full…. will literally be a weight off my mind when I have handed all my documents over to the solicitors.


I was merrily posting this as a SOLC when I realised that last year I discovered TWO WRITING TEACHERS blog from a month long slice challenge – it was March, it IS March and they are all 4 days in… going to play catch up and try it.

AWritersFountain Monthly Writing Challenge – Fear


Monthly writing Challenge – Come and have a splash!

Your entry can be any genre, any form, whatever you feel inspired to produce. (Max. 1000 words)

Please use the AWF Challenge Banner (above) to link back to this site.

Post your writing on your blog and copy/paste a link to it in the comments on this post for all to read.

freestock girl  on road

Make a list of five things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story/poem/ freewrite in which one of them happens to your character…



I have been offline writing, I now have a new submission ready to send! It is also Mr. G’s* birthday!

I hope to update the blog with a few posts before the weekend – this has been a mad (busy) week.

Please take part in our 1st writing challenge – you have a couple of weeks left.


_ – _ – _ -_ – _ – _ -_ – _ – _ -_ – _ – _ –

H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y    M R. G!

* My partner

End of Run


I had a really great time yesterday Blogging and researching online, I am dropping off one quick story post and then I am offline for at least 24hrs. I need to write, and stop writing about writing! I have enjoyed the challenges and it has been a good work out for my brain, (I probably managed a 5000 word count with all the free writing and blogging) I have reached the point where I can now return to my work (writing) – I have also got a busy schedule  today, staying offline will give me time to get my paperwork done for tomorrow.

Besides I was excited to see 6 comments this morning and when I ventured to the dashboard, I discovered it was SPAM! I hope some of you can find a little time to splash in the water of the Fountain. I have posted a writing challenge open for any genre, go and have some writing time!

AWF Monthly

Have a good writing week!

A Writers Fountain Monthly Writing Challenge – My Valentine


‘It’s okay for couples,’ Sophie thought, ‘it’s just an excuse to be soppy, declare undying love and have a date night.’ She had noticed a growing trend in SINGLES events booked on the 14th, she couldn’t think of anything worse! No, she’d rather stay in, wear comfy pyjamas and eat tubs of ice-cream, that would make her a total cliché though, she was far more likely to arrive home from work, exhausted. Strip off her clothes, grab something quick to eat, watch some telly and then clamber into bed and sleep it all off. That’s how she had greeted some New Years in, so why should mid-February be any different?

It wasn’t that she hadn’t experienced the most wonderful valentine dates herself, or that she was growing particularly bitter the closer to 40 she grew, it was a problem with envy, pure and simple. She couldn’t stand shopping on weekends, all those couples dragging each other around, faces constricted with misery, yelling at each other, at the best grunting and rolling eyes. How lucky they were to have each other, it made her cringe. No, Sophie’s New Year resolution was to shop online. She only left the house to go to work and to her Salsa Classes every Tuesday. It wasn’t that she had no friends, she was between chapters that was all. Most of her friends had children in tow, husbands, second husbands, many of her girlfriends were no longer single and most people she knew had local family too. The bars and clubs that she frequented in her thirties no longer appealed, she had a belief that anyone she met now would have something wrong with them, which was funny because she was perfectly fine and yet still single. Dating was going to start online this year too.

Thursday the 14th rolled around as it was inevitably bound to, glad that it was at least a workday, Sophie dressed in her grey trouser suit and left her curly, auburn hair down to hide the earplugs she planned to wear all day. What a pity she couldn’t wear a blindfold for the day as well, she’d just have to keep her head down in work and try to ignore the giggles and lust-fuelled gasps as more rose bouquets arrived. Taking the last preparation to survive the day Sophie swallowed two small pink headache pills, ‘I’m surprised they haven’t started selling those in heart shapes and charged twice as much for the packet!’ She thought as she took one last look at her reflection on her way out the door.

Her day at the office was as painful as spending the day having an all over body tattoo, of course no-one in their right mind would undergo such a thing all in one appointment! She hurried home in the dark and drizzly rain, glad that she didn’t have to come out again tonight. Smugly smiling at some of the couples who were already out for the sake of the babysitter with school the next day. Women huddled under  umbrellas, providing them a poor barrier against the rain. Sophie ran through the streets, not having to worry about her hair turning frizzy.

Her answer machine was flashing, a message from her hairdresser. In a half conscious state Sophie stripped off and wrapped her fluffy red dressing gown around her, the irony of dressing for the occasion did not pass her by. She warmed up some two-minute rice and chopped up some mushrooms and herbs to go with it. Flicking through the TV channels she decided on a DVD, something completely unromantic, she chose one of Darren’s action films that he’d left behind. She switched the laptop on and went to pour herself a large glass of Pinot.

‘Ding’ her inbox announced, ‘Ooohhhh special delivery’ Sophie thought, it was bound to be work. They didn’t believe she was entitled to a life outside the office. She sat down and to her delight found it was from her friend Justine. Last year she had booked a ski-ing trip to avoid Valentines, she had booked it before Darren came on the scene, typical. Her eyes greedily consumed Justine’s words, she felt her stomach flip over on itself. She re-read the email over and over, elongating the time, avoiding opening the attachment.

There, she clicked on the paperclip icon, accepted the upload, Justine’s smiling face appeared next to the head and shoulders of her gorgeous new partner. She knew it, the title of the attached document had given it all away, so why was there still a lump in her throat preventing her from breathing! ‘Robert and I enjoying the Alps x’ … ‘Robert and I’…. Sophie thought, ‘if only I could have been soppy, honest and brave last year. That should have been me!’

Crying into a tissue, the image of Justine and Robert grew blurry, she hated February the 14th not because of couples, or envy, not because Darren had discovered her secret and done a moonlight flit, not because her parents had all but disowned her, not because she was still stuck in a tiny bed sit at the age of 39. She hated it because it was a concrete reminder that she had let love slip through her fingers, too scared to dress up and speak the truth. She had gone to bed early with her earplugs and blocked out the sounds of the other chalets and the Apres ski of the village. Left Justine alone, with Robert… ‘He should have been mine’ Sophie whispered out loud as she shut the computer down.

Curled up in bed Sophie was asleep within a few minutes, alone with her dreams and hopes. The moonlight shone through the tiny gap in the cream curtains, the silver frame glistened and there in the dark, unseen by anybody other than Sophie, a black and white photograph taken in 2010 of her father and his business partner, Robert.

AWF Monthly

A Writers Fountain Monthly Writing Challenge – My Valentine


I am running a monthly writing challenge, come and have a go!

  • Copy the banner, ‘Save As’ it is hyperlinked already, (or just link back to this post by copying and pasting URL or re-blog this thread to your site) then write away.
  • When you have finished publish your Challenge and post a link here back to your blog post.

I look forward to reading your entries. They can be in any form (max 1000 words) Short stories, poetry, flash fiction (500 words), free writes, journal entries, whatever you feel inspired to produce.


A Writers Fountain Monthly Writing Challenge – My Valentine


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The next challenge will be posted at the beginning of March.

Come and have a splash with us in the Fountain!