NaPoWriMo 2023


Are you ready?

I certainly wasn’t – late to submit AWF as a participants site, missed the Early Bird prompts and basically felt very unaware that today is the start of APRIL?! Where has this year gone already??

I am working full time so have limited time to slip on the poetry skin and write and seem to be surrounded by deadlines both at the desk, at work and in life generally.

So I am calmly entering the waters for my annual April splash about and as per will bring you the official NaPo prompts and posts about my process with a few teaser lines/words – as I rarely publish a full Napo poem on AWF. Every year my Napo poems find some success and many are published in anthologies, magazines and several in my own publications: Fragile Houses & Patience.

Catch up:

All information from

Well… I wish I’d seen this one!

20 Years of Na/GloPoWriMo

on FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Hello, all! We’re getting ready to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Na/GloPoWriMo this April. Wow!

As usual, we’ll have a prompt every day for you, a featured participant, and this year, we’re also hoping to feature a book or chapbook every day that contains poems written during previous Na/GloPoWriMos. And to do that, we need your help! If you have a published book or chapbook containing poems that were initially drafted as part of Na/GloPoWriMo, please let us know about them by sending an email to napowrimonet-AT-gmail-DOT-com! We hope to show off a good cross-section of participants’ work this way.

We’ll be back on March 1 with some buttons and other information. In the meantime, please do send us links to your books and we hope you will start getting ready to flex your poem-writing-muscles this April.

NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Is On The Way!

on MARCH 15, 2023

… why not check out some online prompt generators, like the one here, and the one here? Or if you’re looking for something a bit more strange to inspire you, maybe feed the URL for a random Wikipedia entry into The Eater of Meaning (an online program that “nonsensifies” the words of individual webpages. Some of the resulting phrases may give you inspiration for a poem!).

We’ll have some other poetry resources to share with you as March winds down, and we start gearing up for April in earnest. In the meantime, please remember that you can follow our prompts and other posts on Facebook and on Twitter (@napowrimo2023).

Just Three Days to Go!

on MARCH 29, 2023

… why not browse the Poetry Foundation’s online collection?

So Close You Can Almost Taste It

on MARCH 30, 2023

What does a poem taste like, we wonder? There’s a prompt for you right there!

With just two days to go, we are indeed on the brink, the precipice, the teetering edge of Na/GloPoWriMo. Luckily, if you fall over and in, all that happens is you wind up writing some poems. If you have to take a plunge, that’s really not so bad.

If you’re hungry for prompts in the meantime, Poets and Writers has a huge collection, which you can find here.

Click the next post links for the Early Bird Special and the start of NaPoWriMo 2023.

Happy Writing! x

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