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SpeakEasy Spectacular

SpeakEasy Spectacular

Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe

We had a magical night at our SpeakEasy Special with Decent Beings headlining the event, sharing words, art and humour.

Thanks to Leena Batchelor for these fantastic shots of the night and to Suz Winspear for hosting at the weekend.

Our Host Suz Winspear

Jay Rose Ana

Maria T

Freddie Barker

Leena Batchelor

Martin Driscoll

Nina Lewis

Skylar J Wynter – Decent Beings

Jeff Cottrill – Decent Beings

During the interval we had a raffle, lots of conversations and some delicious artwork to admire and buy, as well as books (and drinks, of course)!


Dragonfly Publishing


The 2nd half was filled by Decent Beings – a cracking fury of art and words!

Skylar J Wynter

Neshka Turner – Artist – Decent Beings

Artwork by Neshka Turner

Jeff Cottrill

Product placement by Jeff Cottrill

Tonight they are in Birmingham at a SOLD OUT event at Cherry…

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