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NaPoWriMo 2022 ~ Day 13


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Our featured participant is two participants yet again! First up, clayandbranches, where you’ll find a poem in honor of “The World’s Smallest Joy.” And second, My Ordinary Moments, where you’ll find two quatrains on jewelry.

Today’s featured online journal is Occulum, which boasts twelve issues so far and a rather hypnotic webpage! In Occulum’s latest issue, I’ll point you to these two poems by Estelle Anderson.

PROMPT: Today, in honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that, like the example poem here, joyfully states that “Everything is Going to Be Amazing.”

Featured participants: The World’s Smallest Joy

you’re alive, 
kept upright by a book’s spinal column.

Breadcrumbs” & “Afghan Earrings”

“shiny breadcrumbs.”

Two Poems by Estelle Anderson

Sacred Festival Drama 1 & necessary joy check

I knew the prompt sounded familiar the example poem EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE AMAZING by
Lauren Zuniga, is from the Jo Bell’s 52 Project which I took part in, 2015.

a balance

over the bridge

between yesterday

and today,

I have spent the whole day carrying the prompt in my head, whilst I worked away from the desk and also whilst I was at the desk doing other things (today was busy, a mentoring session, a reading and a workshop) – all after I spent half a day sorting.

I know I will come back to some of these prompts in a few months time, this is marked for a revisit. At the moment it is ‘everything is going to be amazing’ but still has too many shadows.

NaPoWriMo Nina’s Challenge #Day 13


Everyday throughout April I am posting an image for you to use as a writing prompt. Feel free to post links to the resulting work in the comments.

Please be aware by sharing your work digitally, it is considered published and may prevent you from submitting it to journals and anthologies.


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