NaPoWriMo Nina’s Challenge #Day 2


Everyday throughout April I am posting an image for you to use as a writing prompt. Feel free to post links to the resulting work in the comments.

Please be aware by sharing your work digitally, it is considered published and may prevent you from submitting it to journals and anthologies.

Day #2

© Vince

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  1. I love the second image very much. I may be tempted to write to it for the upcoming Second Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. In order for me to do so, I ask you most kindly to send the image to Dan, the host of Thursday Doors, our weekly challenge with the 7-year tradition, as described in his latest post:

    It doesn’t have to be large, 600×800 is fine, he says, REDACTED email address.

    You are welcome to add a little explanation that I asked you to send him this photo because I plan to write to it. I’m not sure: either in the course of our poetry month or it will be prose later on. He will post your photo with all others on his blog so that anybody who wishes so can write to it.

    Thank you so so much for this favour!

    • For anyone who is also interested in Dan’s challenge the redacted email address is available on the blog post link above. I know there can be security issues with posting them sometimes. Forgive the edit to your reply Manja Maksimovič. My email has been sent.

      • Excellent! 🙂 I tried reaching you on Twitter before. Probably these messages are still waiting for you there. But now you did it and I’m grateful. I shall do my writing to your photo. Did you see his site where he collects the doors people send for the challenge?

      • Yes, sorry Manja, I am not often on social media at the moment and have always been more active on FB than Twitter. Apart from National Poetry Month I am inactive on most other online/desk related activity at the moment as there is a lot happening. Things will be different next month and I’ll have time to respond quicker.

        I did have a read of the linked post and a look at Dan’s site. It looks like a fantastic challenge. I don’t know if he will be able to use it but feel free to point people towards this post.

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