NaPoWriMo 2021 – 3 Weeks In

We made it to 3 WEEKS! Give your writing hand a well deserved shake out. You can do this! Just one more week to go.

I am 24 poems in and am keeper of a whole sprawling file ready to sift through in June (perhaps May), I have a few NaPo poems now which are staying in my head (a sign they are keepers). I am inspired. I am happy writing. I am playing and having fun. Don’t even worry about the poetry – just ENJOY it!

Napo gives me that holiday feeling everyday and in a world with restricted air travel and unlikely holidays – such pleasure is pure. I haven’t seen the ocean since 2018, haven’t been out since Dec 2019, haven’t been on holiday since 2018 either but right now I am grateful to still be here, the rest doesn’t seem to matter. Take happiness where you can get it and hold onto it with both hands!

ENJOY your final week of NaPo Writes.


This week another 7 poems have been created, I have discovered new to me poets and their work and watched superb readings.

When the 3rd week started I was still getting over the emotive reading from the night before with Hanif Abdurraqib.


My favourite prompt(s): From Day 20  write a sijo 시조 & Day 18 using contents from Poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge

Most enjoyable day: Day 15 Juan Martinez thinking about the habits inherited from parents and Day 20 – as I learnt a new form.

My valuable resource(s): Day 18 – Poemcrazy – just for the sheer number of options.

Favourite Readings:  Day 16 – The Ted Kooser reading has got to be up there! It was my first meeting with this poet and there was so much to love. And Day 20 – Joy Harjo (although I saw this reading LIVE in March).

I also enjoyed several rabbit holes including exploring the poetry and performance of  Douglas Kearney.

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