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NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 19



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Our featured participant is My Musings Through Life, where the “small pleasures” prompt for Day 18 gives voice to the joy of flowers, time with family, tea, and hearing the birds sing.

Today’s poetry resource is a podcast from the Poetry Translation Centre. This podcast is a great way to learn more about contemporary poetry in other countries!

Today, our prompt challenges you to write a poem based on a “walking archive.”

… Go on a walk and gather up interesting thing – a flower, a strange piece of bark, a rock. This then becomes your “walking archive” – the physical instantiation of your walk.

If you’re unable to get out of the house (as many of us now are), you can create a “walking archive” by wandering around your own home and gathering knick-knacks, family photos, maybe a strange spice or kitchen gadget you never use.

One you’ve finished your gathering, lay all your materials out on  a tray table, like museum specimens. Now, let your group of materials inspire your poem! You can write about just one of the things you’ve gathered, or how all of them are all linked, or even what they say about you, who chose them and brought them together.


I enjoyed finding the treasures in the poem. I visited the Translation Centre and decided to listen to this one https://www.poetrytranslation.org/podcasts/to-catch-butterflies-by-noshi-gillani-2 I will come back to this resource and listen to others. I have always enjoyed reading translated poetry, something about the catch of language, word usage and order. I have also heard a fair share of performances /readings in languages I do not speak, I enjoy the music, the rhythm, not quite understanding. I hear the shape of words.

I have been confined to my house and garden for a month now, so today I chose to create my trail around my house. I delighted in today’s NaPo prompt. My poem resulted in not using all the items I had gathered. I liked the idea of observing them as artefacts/ museum display this put a different flavour into the work which otherwise may not have existed.