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NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 18



Read the full post here.

Today’s featured participant is soulfluff, where the “forgotten technology” prompt for Day 17 engendered an ode to typewriters.

Featured resource a PDF version of Eugene Ostashevksy’s 2008 chapbook “Enter Morris Imposternak, Pursued by Ironies.” (Click on “Read Online” to do just that).

Prompt -write an ode to life’s small pleasures. Perhaps it’s the first sip of your morning coffee. Or finding some money in the pockets of an old jacket…


My immediate thought was -why did I struggle choosing an old tech yesterday, a typewriter… so obvious! I could definitely write the poem titled How Do You Lose a Typewriter? Will add it to the list of poems to be written!

I read the participant poem. I really enjoyed the depth in today’s poem and the style. I lingered on the blog for a bit and read other NaPo poems. I added the site to my reader and will indulge when I have a break of time to enjoy. My reading brain and writing brain struggle to exist together.

Also I know I want to spend some time reading  Eugene Ostashevksy’s 2008 chapbook, now I know what you’re thinking – it’s Saturday and you are in lockdown, you have all the time but it is the weekend which means I am not home alone, which means there is a lot more on the agenda than indulging my poetry skin.

I checked out some of the other links on the Ugly Duckling Presse page and am leaving a few here. This video is definitely something you can sit back and enjoy!

And a real treat at 45 mins – book yourself some time to come and watch this reading.

I also read the interview https://www.musicandliterature.org/features/2017/4/4/a-conversation-with-eugene-ostashevsky and made a note of the review to read after I had spent time reading the chapbook for myself. http://galatearesurrection10.blogspot.com/2008/07/enter-morris-imposternak-pursued-by.html

I used a list of small pleasures on my Positivity Project page a few days ago. I enjoy writing lists of things that bring happiness and joy, but it is a little too obvious to just write a list poem. So I am going to carry my thoughts and listen to the rain or Eugene Ostashevksy for a bit and write later.

I will be back to update this post.