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Review: The Becoming of Lady Flambé by Holly Magill

Review: The Becoming of Lady Flambé by Holly Magill

A great review of a fabulous book which will have you reaching for the high wire!


Holly Magill, The Becoming of Lady Flambé, Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-910834-86-2. £6.80.

The Becoming of Lady Flambé is Holly Magill’s debut pamphlet, published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2018. This fierce and feisty collection of poems tells a wonderfully quirky narrative of how the character Lady Flambé came to be, beginning with her childhood, growing up in a travelling circus.

Based around many members of the circus, The Becoming of Lady Flambé features stand-out characters with wildly vivid personalities, and Magill explores the unconventional family dynamic that exists between them. Each poem typically moves from character to character building the jigsaw puzzle of the plot, line by line, poem by poem. The overall effect is nothing short of compelling, as piece by piece the reader builds up a sense of each individual character, and their relationship to the rest of the group.

From struggling clowns, to fire-eaters…

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