Science & Maths Poetry Anthology – Every Word Counts


The final day as Worcestershire Poet Laureate, marked by the last Anthology ‘Every Word Counts’ a collection of Maths & Science inspired poetry. Have a read – enjoy!

Poet Laureate

universe-1044107_1920Following the news of the death of Stephen Hawking in March, I decided that we should have a collection of poems focusing on Science & Maths. As poets we are naturally curious which is something Stephen Hawking encouraged his students to be.

I hope you enjoy these poems, huge gratitude to everyone who submitted poems for my final Poet Laureate Anthology.

WPL Science & Maths Anthology

Every Word Counts

Every Word Counts WPL


A boy’s DNA, left over from pregnancy, sits inside a woman’s brain, 
foreign, persistent, DNA, more male than she will ever be, 
a protector from disease, they say, persistent where it sits, 
a remnant from pregnancy, an exchange of DNA, lingering 

inside blood and bone. Protector of cells, tissue, neurons. 
It’s difficult to be sure, they say, why a boy’s fetal cells 
migrate through his mother, becoming part of her brain, heart, blood. 
It’s as if he never leaves. His…

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