Poetry Exhibition at the Jinney Ring


Yesterday I spent the day finalising work for a Poetry Exhibition at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Hanbury, where (back in September) I ran a poetry workshop based on the Sculpture Trail.

It is wonderful to finally manage the 2nd part of this WPL project and the 3rd part – a Public Reading, will happen on Bank Holiday Monday (7th May) at the Church in Hanbury.

Poet Laureate

header© 2018 Jinney Ring Craft Centre

Just like the A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together… and as Worcestershire Poet Laureate I am learning just how long the planning stage can take. 

Back in September I ran a poetry workshop at the Jinney Ring based on the fabulous, annual Sculpture Trail which they have had for over a decade. It was a great morning and thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. I worked through a series of activities which involved the sculpture and offered a chance to have the resulting poems exhibited and read. 

final design


Fast forward a season or two and I am delivering the promises. 

Our poetry is Exhibited at The Jinney Ring Craft Centre for the next few months in the Restaurant, so do go and treat yourselves and have a read of the walls whilst you are there. 

Hanbury Churchorg  © 2018 Hanburychurch.org

Hanbury Church Reading


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