Suffragettes Anthology


Suffragettes Anthology

Poet Laureate

HIVE SUFFBack in February there was a Suffragette Exhibition at The Hive in Worcester. I took the opportunity to provide an impromptu poetry workshop based on the Library Exhibits. 12 people attended and a few more visited the exhibition and wrote from the workshop prompts and research links I shared. Here is a selection of the resulting work. 

00 x 61.tif© Museum of London

Deeds Not Words 
Inspired by Emily Wilding Davison,
Suffragette, died June 8th, 1913
Dear Joan of Arc,
my wreath left at your feet
marks you undefeated.
Your spark lives on,
igniting the tinder of my resolve.
Sisters, Women’s Social Political Union,
stand up now,
sacrifice now.
I pledge today, Derby Day,
will turn heads
against blind-gendered minds
with our vision against division.
You will see.
You will be proud.
If I’m arrested they’ll say,
About her person was:
Two flags
One purse
One half…

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