NaPoWriMo 2018 – It Begins (well it began)!


napofeature1Another year and after the pranks of April Fool’s Day (Mr G. asked me to fetch a bucket for the giant leak under our new boiler). At 8:37 AM on Easter Sunday I was only too aware of the date! That and the boiler was fitted just a few days ago. He was bitterly disappointed but asked me to take a look at least – as he had once again surpassed himself creatively.

After Easter my thoughts turned towards NaPoWriMo, (now quite rightly GlPoWriMo) which I have done most years since discovering it in 2014.

Except this year, I took a 4 day break over Easter including working on tech.


I start this year’s challenge already 3 days behind!

This morning I visited the official site and registered us – as I do every year. In the past I have attempted daily posts or 3 day round ups throughout the month. This will be the first year I am working through the month also and have a rammed schedule of poetry life events for the next 3 weeks, so let’s see how it goes.


Due to copyright/publishing issues I rarely post poems, instead I choose a line and talk about the process or leave motivational tips for those of you also taking part this year.

I welcome comments on any posts but find NaPo conversation inspiring, so leave your thoughts when you visit and to those of you participating – Good Luck!


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