NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 3



Today, our featured participant is fresh poetry, where the “voice” poem for Day 2 has no “I,” but does have a “she,” a “me,” a “they,” and an “us”!

And now for a new interview. Peter Davis, whose fourth book, Band Names & Other Poems, has just been published by Bloof Books. Peter’ work is often humorous, frequently surreal, and sometimes takes you into darker, deeper places than you might think they would go. You can check out a few of his poems here, and read our interview here.

Today’s prompt is inspired by our interview with Peter Davis. As he indicates there, his latest book is rooted in endlessly writing ideas for band names. Today, we challenge you to try this out yourself by writing a list poem in which all the items are made-up names. If band names don’t inspire, how about a list of titles for romantic novels? Or new television cop dramas? They can be as over-the-top as you like, because that’s (at least) half the fun.

Happy writing!


I have to admit – for the 1st time ever I cheated!

I put bands into Google and it selected images of all our favourite bands, then the very next link was for a generator. It was fun. Here’s the link so you can use it too, just be aware that one day after NaPo is over I will use the lists I created to write some poems, so if you go Random do not accuse me of plagiarism in the future. Cheating is something I never do, with the exception of today (it is way past my bedtime) and I have NaPo pile up!

The site also produces Wordles, so I have posted those rather than a line.

I like the idea of the The Sausage Kittens and Sevendust which was another generated theme but I didn’t post it because it was my random selection.

I sat down to write my list poem and selected part of a generated list from the site, I filled in the fields at least. Then I just free wrote, editing the stanzas afterwards to form a list poem. It is nonsense but fun. I will probably perform it.

Here’s a snippet about a particularly dangerous pair of heels that have already appeared in poetry form once!

worn only once,

a doormat distance

from taxi

to club.

I did learn the collective nouns for a goats though, so fun and educational. The finished poem is 2 pages long, 166 words – 21 of which were generated band names, I think I can call it my poem.

5ab39dd423e2c-bpfull The Poetry School Day 3

Day 3: Against the Grain

Today, I’d like you to write a poem that’s against something: it can be a logical argument, a passionate polemic, or an admission that you don’t actually like, say, The Wire, or the poems of Emily Dickinson. It can be anything you want — but the point is you must state your opposition to something. Have a think about what irritates you, gets your hackles up, or just plain bemuses you and get it down on paper. Your title should be ‘Against X’ where X represents your object of loathing, as in today’s example poem, ‘Against Naturism’ by Roddy Lumsden.


After all my writing today I think these will have to wait until tomorrow. I am attending a workshop tomorrow so hope that will reawaken Muse, who seems to still be on her Easter holidays!

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