World Poetry Day – An Evening of Excitement


World Poetry Day.

Poet Laureate


My plans for World Poetry Day started last year when I discovered I was the first Worcestershire Poet Laureate not to have National Poetry Day on their remit (long story short, a fellow poet had a show the same evening and we decided WLF would support that instead). I became the first Poet Laureate to have World Poetry Day as their official event.

I started planning properly in January and had all the poets confirmed perform by February. Shout outs went out for Little Poems (we received International, National and Local submissions… very worldly for WPD).


I also started raiding my research ideas for Parlour/Poetry/Word Games. All the Open Mic Spots were booked within a few days of being released.

I knew I wanted the whole night to feel like a poetry party and that is what was achieved. The atmosphere was set to ENTERTAINMENT, the Poets were set to…

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