Monsters With Year 8


Over the past fortnight I have facilitated 3x School Workshops. It has been a pleasure and takes me full circle. It was from working in schools as a Poet that I fell into a teaching career… fast forward a couple of decades (nearly) and I am back in my Poetry Skin, much prefer to be called by my first name!

Poet Laureate

me workshop display.pngI was booked for a school workshop 6 months ago which was postponed. Last week I was lucky enough to work with the Year 8 pupils at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College in Worcester, with thanks to Linda Bromyard.

I designed a bespoke workshop featuring ‘Monsters’, a theme they have been exploring this term. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed an action packed hour of activities. The poems they generated were incredibly imaginative and it was fun working with such enthusiastic writers. 

I repeated the workshop twice over the morning, to groups of 30+ (which is why I look a little red-faced) and inspired not only Year 8 but some of their English teachers too, working with forms they had not come across themselves. 

I left the school knowing some of the ideas would be covered in Literacy classes. I had a fabulous morning in a very welcoming Library space.

With thanks…

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