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Remembrance Poetry Open Submissions


INKSPILL 2017 Programme


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There are gaps in the programme which I hope you fill with your own writing time to complete current projects. Go on, gift yourself!

The INKSPILL Bookshop is open as usual. Check out our Guest Writers Books.


A new addition for this year is the INKSPILL Library which is open each afternoon and houses selected links to archived INKSPILL retreats.

Initially the Library was to be OPEN ALL HOURS as suggested, however with the amount of new material coming for INKSPILL 2017, I decided to open the archives only when there was space.


Saturday 28th October


8:55 INKSPILL Book Shop 

The Book shop opens, a place you can order books by our Guest Writers.


9:00 Welcome to the 5th Annual INKSPILL.

Discover the history behind this Free Online Writing Retreat, previous Guest Writers and how to make the most out of your experience.


9:10 Brain Warming 

A series of short writing tasks to ease your mind into writing.


9:30 Be Remote 

Have a go at this creativity test developed by Martha Mednick in 1962.


10:00 Movie Monologues

A short video montage to inspire and motivate. Enjoy.


10:15 Writing Exercise #1 – Step into a Life

A short character based writing activity based on the film ‘Life Is Beautiful’.


11:30 10 Inspiring Women Writers

A booklist of 10 inspiring women writers, check out these reads.


12:00 Best of British

A short documentary film with Paul Martin about British Poets Thomas Hardy, Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen & Siegfried Sassoon.  


12:30 Lunch break 



13:30 Get Motivated

Writing goal coaching. Get your short term words inked.


14:00 Writing Exercise #2 – The Letter

Write a letter to your younger self, explore the core message.



15:00 An Afternoon with Guest Poet Antony Owen

Discover Antony Owen, his Biography and recent work.


15:30 An Interview with Guest Poet Antony Owen

I ask Antony about his latest collection ‘The Nagasaki Elder’ and his work with CND.


16:00 An Interview with Guest Poet Antony Owen

The second part of the interview on poetry and writing with our Guest Poet.


16:30 NEW The INKSPILL Library

The Library opens for the first time – find archived posts from 2013, 2014 & 2015.


20:15 An interview with Zadie Smith 

Nathan Englander interviews Zadie Smith on life, books and writing from 2014.



Copy of Event Flyer (1)

Sunday 29th October


9:00 Lazy Sunday Morning 

An early morning free write to music. ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers. Hit play and enjoy! 


9:30 Writing Exercise #3 – Mashup

You will need to be close to some books to complete this exercise.


10:00 Top Tips 

Writing advice from Novelist Jill Dawson.


10:30 Writing in Later Life 

An interview with Lee Child on writing after 40.


11:00 Writing Exercise #4 – Spooktastic

A prompt for Horror writing (as it is so close to Halloween).


12:30 Lunch




13:30 An Afternoon with Guest Editor and Poet Stephen Daniels 

Discover Stephen Daniels, his Biography and recent work.


14:00 An Interview with Guest Editor Stephen Daniels 

We ask Stephen about his role as the Editor of Amaryllis Poetry.


14:30 An Interview with Guest Poet Stephen Daniels 

We talk to Stephen Daniels about his own writing.


15:00 An Interview with Guest Poet Stephen Daniels

A range of silly, quick-fire questions are explored.


15:30 Guest Writer Exercise with Stephen Daniels

A writing exercise, come and stretch your muscles. Have a go.


16:00 The Editors

An interview with Writers and Editors Victor Dwyer and Charlotte Gill talking to to Ian Brown about modern writing in 2014 from BANFF.


16:30  INKSPILL Library 

Open for a 2nd day with NEW archived material from INKSPILL 2015 & 2016.


20:00 The Launch of Contour Issue 1 The Poet Laureate Magazine

This inaugural issue of Contour focuses on Place – Worcestershire to be exact. Poets from all over the U.K submitted Worcestershire poems. See who made it to the first issue.