NaPoWriMo Day 3


The challenge of MONDAY hits most of the global population of NaPoWriMo, as it is my writing day – I have, no excuse! Here we are at nearly 5pm and I have not started. My challenge will kick in tomorrow when I am back at work and not able to give NaPo any consideration until I come home from poeting in the late hours. Still… today there is no barrier other than myself.

DAY 3: napo2017button1

I will start with the official site who today feature an incredible (dark) poem from the recipe prompt yesterday.

The interview is with Monica De La Torre

Three of her poems can be read here

Today’s prompt is to write an elegy (memories of 52 come flooding back to me)! It might be the death topic putting me off completing my poems today as Carrie Etter’s prompt mentions writing about seeing a person who resembles someone who is dead… my way in might be to write about The Doors Alive *the Willy days, they have changed frontman since!

Elsewhere Jo Bell posts Walt Whitman, a poet I only discovered last year and fell madly in depth with.

I spent some proper time at the Poetry School today, who suggested a list poem. Lots to read and mull over.

Off to find my way into the writing and will update this post once I have.

I found my way in. The Naponet prompt of writing an elegy I decided to research a historical figure. Maybe I can use it for National Women’s Month 2018. I wrote it out longhand in the notebook I have started using for NaPo – this longhand writing is part of making this challenge special and enjoyable. Sets my mind to workshop mode. However, I am so used to writing straight to the screen that I find it difficult to edit on paper. This poem has been redrafted and will be the first one I type up to play with, is perhaps the first one I consider to be a real poem. Or a poem of use, that is to be shared at some point in the future.

The 2nd prompt of Carrie’s I decided to write about one of my favourite bands, The Doors. The first time Mr G and I went to see The Doors Alive and I met the frontman, Willy… I certainly saw more than a resemblance to the late Jim Morrison. This poem would not be emotionally strenuous to write (grief wise) and again might become something that is shareable in future.

The Poetry School have posted a LIST poem prompt which I have yet to tackle. I am not sure I will ever have time to read everything on the Poetry School site, there are so many poems being posted. Hopefully we will still have access to read after April’s month of writing.

I am now breathing a sigh of relief – I got through DAY 3 and looking forward to a late write tomorrow night.


Happy NaPo!

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