NaPoWriMo Day 2



I wrote my NaPo poems on the day in between organising and writing my Poetry Ballroom set and attending the event in the evening. More about the Poetry Ballroom will be posted soon.


Day 2 started with a read of the crow poem (Kay Ryan prompt)  it has made me consider revisiting this prompt again and this time using an animal.

The interview was with Dawn Lundy Martin.

Read Last Days here here

The prompt (as I mentioned on my previous post) was a poem in the style of a recipe. I managed one called Ancient Recipe which starts with the line ‘For 2-3 people’, it is a poem about attempting to conceive. It started life as an Ancient Roman recipe involving boiled eggs. The end-line:

‘Escape your shells,

go deeper.’

I really enjoyed reading the comments on Carrie Etter’s group, knowing that we are all in the midst of writing for this challenge, a shared joy and sometimes frustration. I always find the first few days are less troublesome than the slow crawl through the treacle of the month to come. I am hoping it remains enjoyable for me though – otherwise what is the point?

napofeature2017-2Carrie’s Day 2 prompt was to write a Pantoum.  The first time I attempted this style was two summers ago and I got hooked. I have not written one since and I was slightly nervous about it. I wrote 4, none of which I was particularly happy with but then suddenly something came into my head, something that needed to be written about. A memory that resurfaced during Kim Moore’s workshop at Verve Poetry Festival in February. It is dark.

‘Shadows play tricks on dream-waking eyes… her scream came only as a whisper.’

I also discovered that Jo Bell (never far from the action) is giving us daily NaPo blogs for reading. She includes a link to 30 of her own prompts as well as in depth analysis of a poem a day.

As always, Jo offers the good advice that writing well comes from reading well.

Every day this month, I’ll post a poem for you to read and think about.

I also managed to dip into the Poetry School and read the prompts left for NaPo there. I didn’t want to read the poems before I have had a chance to work on the prompts. I envisage a daily read at the PS, with possibly posting some Napo Poems to the discussion, not many though. I have 2 I would be happy for anyone to see in the present state (the poems, not me… although the amount I have had on in the past week, I possibly look a state too!) – we will see.

PS Napo


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  1. Thanks for the linking…it’s my pleasure my poem let you think over again…expecting your review on my poem…and a Like also,,,
    By the way, can you get me the link to Carrie’s Day 2 prompt? I want to post one

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