CommaLabs: Reaching Your Audience – Questioning Who, Where and How by poet and blogger Sarah James (Part 1)


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Reaching your audience – questioning who, where and how

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘how to reach your audience?’ after being a panellist on a discussion about this question at  last week’s National Creative Writing Graduates Fair in Manchester.

To be or not to be…is not the answer. Or perhaps it is. In truth, I don’t think there is any one or even several definitive answers, just lots of possibilities waiting to be explored – with each individual writer finding, or creating, their own way based partly on who they are.

The breadth of the actual topic ‘reaching your audience’ is nothing to the potential breadth of a writer’s audience. But in reality, as in other areas of life, we all have to work within the limits of our resources and time.In this blog post then, I’m going to concentrate on a few of the many possible aspects, just…

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